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Google Opens PPT Offensive in the Clone Wars

Google Does PPTHaving already established somewhat pale, web-based clones of Microsoft's ubiquitous Office products, including a word processor and spreadsheet application, Google is now set to complete the triumvirate with the addition of a PowerPoint-like offering.

Despite the dubious claims of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the company is certainly targeting Microsoft Office, if in a sparkly new Enterprise 2.0 manner.

FatWire Invites Everyone to Play CMS

FatWire Content Server

These days, in the age of information and paper overload, any time someone can make something easier, faster and more efficient, I am all ears. Seriously. And today the folks at FatWire have my complete attention.

They have just announced the general availability of their latest Web Content Management platform, FatWire Content Server 7. So what's the big deal? The firm's newest release has jumped on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, vowing to make it easier for everyone to navigate, organize and socially contribute web content. That's a party line we can get behind.

Socialtext Leaps Out of 2D


In its ongoing efforts to leap beyond the monitor, Socialtext unveils its Virtual Edition. The solution lends users more flexibility in taking advantage of what Socialtext does best: wikis, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Autonomy Still Believes in Digital Copyright


Movies and TV survived the VHS scare. Whether they'll completely survive digital media piracy is a different story — and it isn't just film and TV that's in trouble; it's music and publishing, too.

In response to this concern, and because somebody out there still thinks it's possible to stake a claim to digital media, Autonomy brings us Virage ACID, automated copyright infringement detection.

Customer Power Driven by the Web

The shift from organization power to customer power continues, as customers use the Web to organize themselves like never before.

O3Spaces & Xandros Further OSS SharePoint Offensive

O3 SpacesIn a match made somewhere near heaven O3Spaces, B.V. — the open source challenger to Microsoft SharePoint and provider of the O3Spaces Workplace Collaboration platform — and Linux distro vendor Xandros have announced an agreement to provide OpenDocument and MS Office document collaboration, management and retention services for the forthcoming release of Xandros Server 2.0 Standard Edition.

O3Spaces targets SharePoint, whilst Xandros chips away at Windows Server and Windows XP sales.

Ektron Goes Wiki'ing and Web 2.0 Too

New Hampshire-based Ektron, a popular provider of Web CMS and Document Management solutions for the mid-market has unwrapped their latest release of CMS400.NET.

Version 7.0 of the product is tuned into the ever present Web 2.0 theme and proudly sports new Wiki functionality, better forums, enhanced blogging tools, and advanced navigation features.

The Future is Collaborative

The network rewards collaborators and punishes hoarders. The Web rewards those who are generous and punishes those who are mean.

SharePoint (MOSS) Gets Collaboration Tune-up

SharePoint (MOSS) Collaboration ManagerSharePoint Solutions, a company with a history of developing training, consulting and add-on software for Microsoft Sharepoint Server has announced the release of their Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2007.

Creative Commons v3 Protects Your Inner Genius

Creative Commons 3.0When a large corporate body and a suburban teen can use the same platform to air a great idea or persuasive stream of thought, what protects one or the other from negligence of source citation or outright content theft? It's harder to track information back to its origins when the origin itself can be added, edited, published and deleted on a whim.

Noting that the corporate machine might be slightly better able than the teen at navigating the complex world of content rights, Creative Commons came up with a solution as simple and fluid as the flow of information it is often meant to protect. And recently, the 3.0 version of said solution has been unwrapped.

Beyond Web 2.0, Here's History 2.0. Are We Ready?

Keesings World News ArchiveWhat's History 2.0? If Web 2.0 is any indication (and yes, we're as tired of pushing the term as you are of reading it), History 2.0 suggests the annals of mankind can be broken open for free perusal, organized as an individual sees fit, and — dare we say it? — fair game for revision.

Whether the time for that has come isn't our call to make. But Keesing's World News Archive, a new search and collaboration tool created by the open source and Web 2.0 gurus at Squiz, brings the term devastatingly closer to reality by enabling public-wide search of 76 years of history.

SharePoint Goes Mobile with Colligo Reader

Colligo Reader for SharePointColligo Networks, an offline collaboration solutions for mobile professionals, has announced the release of Version 2.0 of the Colligo for SharePoint product family. The new release supports the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Vista and aims to further the reach of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 to “users who need access both online and offline — enabling these businesses to effectively increase the adoption and utility of SharePoint with their workforce.”

Google Officially Enters Enterprise 2.0 Fray

You've heard the rumors. We reported on the speculation. Finally, Google has officially announced its paid application plan. For $50 per user per year, companies can outsource a significant portion, if not all, of their back end IT to the search behemoth.

Yahoo! Pipes, the Latest Data Mash Dance Craze

yahoo_pipes.jpgSenator Ted Stevens wasn't far from the truth when he called the internet a “series of tubes.” If he'd said pipes instead, he probably would have gotten far less of a crucifixion — that is, if it's possible for one crucifixion to be less unpleasant than another.

With content floating around in so many varied forms (blogs, wikis, news, niche information), there have got to be better ways to organize all that info we're streaming aside from the current process of choice: standard RSS feed readers and browsers. While convenient, RSS readers don't allow for much data structuring and have a limited framework for manipulation.

Workday Goes DITA with Bluestream XDocs

Bluestream XDocsBluestream Database Software, a provider of XML storage and content management technologies, announced recently that publisher Workday has finished their implementation of online documentation and application help system leveraging DITA processes and Bluestream's XDocs XML CMS.

PDFs are Evil, Lazy, Slothful and Sinful

PowerPoints are the curse of the intranet, and PDFs the curse of the Web. PDFs reflect print thinking. On the Web, we need web thinking.

Traditional Media Gets a 2.0 Facelift with Zoho Notebook

zoho.jpgYou know the world has changed when the writing tools you lived by in grade school are referred to as “traditional.”

Inspired by the stodgy ol' pen and paper notebook, AdventNet, Inc. adds Zoho Notebook to the Zoho suite of free offerings. It's less now a notebook and more the blessed recipient of a Web 2.0 facelift with a fresh array of multi-media and online collaboration tools, and functionality fit for enterprises of today and grade schoolers of tomorrow.

RSuite Tapped to Manage Unruly CQ Directory

rsuite.jpgWord is out that CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly Inc., has chosen RSuite CMS to replace its existing directory CMS. RSuite, specializing in XML-based content management systems for publishers, is providing the expertise necessary to guide CQ Press past the precarious point of growth with their directory content.

IBM Gets Wise to Participation, Launches Social Software Platform

logo-lotus.pngIBM has announced Lotus Connections, and makes claim that its the industry's first platform for business social computing.

By providing a portal for users to gather and exchange information, Lotus Connections has a dashboard-like eye on current projects and aims to bring together users from the same communities, eliminating the need for multiple social software and collaboration applications.

SEO and CMS: Best Practices During Deployment (Part 2)

Last week we discussed some of the on-site factors that affect search engine rankings within a CMS implementation. This week, we’ll revisit these factors and present guidance for addressing and automating these strategies during your CMS implementation.