2014-17-July-Nadella-Speech.jpgSure the Apple IBM partnership is a big deal, but it may not impact your work and your life as much as the vision that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled at the company’s Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC) yesterday.

You might not have heard much about it, but that’s not because it’s not worthwhile or important -- it’s just that tech news is generally aimed at enterprises, businesses and consumers, not partners (namely, other software companies, systems integrators, product vendors, consulting firms and so on).

But, if you want to know what the future looks like, partners’ conferences are exactly where you get a sneak peek. After all, this is where tech evangelists learn their scripts and where solution providers receive introductions to the kinds of thinking and training they’ll needs to deliver on those promises.

Yesterday, in front of an audience of Microsoft partners, Nadella spoke about the company’s vision and the tactical technologies and tools that Microsoft is working on, or already has in place to deliver.


We’ve already written about Nadella’s commitment to products and services designed for a mobile-first, cloud-first world and the exponentially growing numbers of phones, tablets, devices and sensors.

"They're going to both generate tons and tons of zettabytes of data, they're also going to consume and reason over that large data,” said Nadella in Wednesday’s keynote at the WPC.

He went on to explain, that from an economic perspective, this generates tremendous opportunity.

There is not a sector of an economy, a vertical industry, a person's life where software and the devices that are powered by software are not touching. That's our opportunity.”

Nadella explained that Microsoft is the company and its partners are the ecosystem that is going to reinvent productivity for this new generation.

That is something that's unique to us. That's in our core, that's in our soul, and that's what we're going to go do. For us to reinvent productivity so that every individual on the planet can get more out of every moment of their lives is a great mission. That is what we need to go solve. That is where we get to add value.”

Built For How We Live

To do that, Microsoft, said Nadella, is going to focus on building digital work and life experiences.

We will build platforms in the cloud for it, we'll build platforms on the device for it.”

And while that’s the grand vision, there are actual delivery points that speak to it. There’s Office, OneDrive, Skype, Bing, Cortana, Speech recognition, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Intelligent Systems Service in Azure, which allows you to collect that data and put it into and process it in real time.

But Microsoft’s future isn’t about any one of these applications, according to Nadella. “It's not the application silos,” he explained.