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Accellion's Secure Dropbox Clone Comes to iOS

accellion_logo.jpg Unless you have been living on Mars for the last few years, you have heard about cloud-based storage. What you don't hear is the collective tension of IT managers everywhere as they think about sensitive corporate assets being stored outside the firewall.

IT departments everywhere continue to fight a losing a battle. Whether it's SkyDrive or iCloud or Box.Net or Dropbox or S3, users will find ways to gain access to their files regardless of what safeguards are implemented.

These issues have only escalated with the proliferation of smartphones and the arrival of tablets.

When Accellion (news, site) initially announced its secure cloud storage offering, IT leaders thought there was finally a solution that met both security and user experience needs. Accellion takes the platform to the next step by making it available for the iPad and the iPhone.

If your organization is already using Accellion Secure Collaboration, then you are a step away from securely viewing, sharing, and collaborating on files.

Accellion Secure Collaboration Platform
Accellion Secure Collaboration Platform

Accellion on the iPhone
Accellion on the iPhone

The only limit is size and that is capped at 100GB, and honestly, who is going to manage files like that on an iPhone? Wait, don't answer that.

If you need a secure cloud-based storage solution for your enterprise, Accellion is worth a look.

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