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Latest Semantic Web News & Articles

How Semantic Web Tech Can Make Big Data Smarter

Over the past few years, major enterprises have shown interest in combining semantic web technology with big data for added value. Let's take a look at what enterprises are seeking and why they think semantic web can make big data smarter.

Futureful iPad App Launches, Promises Content Discovery in Style

A stylish iPad app launches, but does the Internet care? It might if the crew behind the Futureful app have their way. Futureful is like StumbleUpon's fancier, quirkier cousin, and if the Internets like anything new, it is surely a new way to find awesome Internets.

Google Brings Ray Kurzweil Aboard to Lead Engineering

Ray Kurzweil, an author, futurist and inventor, now works for Google.

BBC's Adoption of Semantic Web Technologies: An Interview

The BBC’s website for the 2010 World Cup was notable for the raw amount of rich information that it contained. Every player on every team in every group had their own web page, and the ease with which you could navigate from one piece of content to the next was remarkable. Within the Semantic Web community, the website was notable for one more reason: it was made possible by the BBC’s embrace of Semantic Web technologies.

Webnodes Updates Version 4 of its Semantic Web CMS with Scalability, Speed

Webnodes Semantic CMS Version 4 Released Webnodes, a .NET based Web CMS platform, has released version four of its semantic based CMS, and the system now ships with Mailgun and SendGrid email providers and a new video provider setup.

W3C Specifies, Simplifies RDFa

W3C Specifies, Simplifies RDFa The RDF (Resource Description Framework) Web Applications Working Group of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has published several recommendations and a primer for use of RDFa and RDFa Lite in a variety of XML and HTML-based Web markup languages.

Diffbot Deconstructs, Repackages Structured Web Data

Diffbot Deconstructs, Repackages Structured Web DataOne of the greatest revolutions in computing has been the success of the Web browser. They help us navigate the Internet and show us the things we love, such as celebrity news and cat videos.

EPiServer Scales for Big Data, Better Content Targeting With 200OK AB Acquisition

Digital marketing/e-commerce software provider EPiServer is scaling its technology offering to more effectively handle Big Data with the purchase of Swedish enterprise search solution vendor 200OK AB. The 200OK AB cloud-based “Truffler” application can handle large volumes of Big Data, including user data, social and mobile web content, and product and online transaction information.

Webnodes Updates Its Semantic .Net Web CMS, Adds E-Commerce, Mobile

Webnodes Updates Its Semantic .Net Web CMS, Adds E-Commerce, MobileNorway-based Webnodes has released a new version of its .Net semantic content management system (CMS). The latest release, version 3.8, features semantic e-commerce, several new mobile features and support for ASP.Net MVC.

Nuxeo Teams with TEMIS to Make You a Little More Web 3.0

Nuxeo Teams with TEMIS to Make You a Little More Web 3.0 Open source enterprise CMS provider Nuxeo announced a new integration with TEMIS. TEMIS’ semantic content enrichment  tool Luxid can now be used to enrich content stored in Nuxeo with domain-specific metadata. No, I didn’t just type a bunch of techno buzzwords. Well, I did, but I promise this is cool.

IKS Offers Cash for Developers Who Have a Great Idea for Using Semantic Technology

The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) project is attempting  to generate developer interest in creating semantically enriched applications using a compelling tool – cash.

Semantic Technology Firm SmartLogic Acquires Competitor SchemaLogic

Semantic technology provider SmartLogic has acquired competitor SchemaLogic, adding multiple new Fortune 1000 enterprise clients to its customer list and adding SchemaLogic’s family of products to its application portfolio.

Alfresco, TEMIS Join to Enhance Content with Semantic Information

Alfresco, TEMIS Join to Enhance Content with Semantic Information Open source content management system (CMS) provider Alfresco and Semantic Content Enrichment provider TEMIS have announced an integration that allows semantic metadata to be extracted from content stored in Alfresco.

EpiServer & SmartLogic: Implementing Semantic Technology for Content Management

Web 3.0 is supposed to usher in the widespread use of semantic technologies. However, few web content management (WCM) and enterprise content management (ECM) platforms currently support the tools. A recent case study describes an integration between EPiServer 6 (news, site) and Smartlogic's Semaphore, which provides a model for other organizations that need to introduce semantic capabilities into their WCM and ECM platforms.

IKS Workshop Offers Practical Semantic Technology Training

iks_logosmall.jpgInteractive Knowledge Stack (IKS), the open source endeavor to increase speed of adoption for semantic web technologies, is planning its largest workshop to date. Over 100 participants are expected in Paris July 5-6 for the free event.

W3C Launches Working Group to Update Foundations of Semantic Web

logo-w3c-mobile-lg.pngWeb 3.0, the semantic web, is gaining in both popularity and adoption, but the pace isn’t rapid enough for some. With the recent move by web standards organization, W3C, to launch a RDF Working Group that will enhance the resource description framework (RDF), the standard may become more attractive to the masses.

Are Semantic Ads the Push that Semantic Technologies Need?

Semantic technologies are maturing and this is good news because they can be used to fuel semantic ads, ads that promise a lot to both advertisers and publishers. Still, if the technology is reliable, why don't we see more semantic ads?

Discover Your Unstructured Content with Sophia Search

For some search engines, it’s about recovery, not discovery. But for Sophia, provider of enterprise search products and software, discovery is a priority.

Moving Towards a Semantic Enterprise at SemTech 2010

Semantic Technology Conference, 2010In one week in April, with three events in one city, the Web took a leap towards a new future — a semantic future. The Semantic Technology conference next week will show information professionals just how to take hold of this future.

#gilbanesf Industry Analyst Debate: SoMe Pilot Fights, Proliferating Profile Problems


What happens when you put four industry luminaries and a good moderator in one room? The room gets packed with people, who came to see the analysts fight over the hottest industry issues. And this is exactly what happened at the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco.