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Companies Love Salesforce More Today than Yesterday, Report Claims

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Salesforce graphic.pngSalesforce is the digital hub for many businesses. But what impact does this cloud-computing platform have on those companies? A new edition of the annual report on the subject from global business consulting firm Bluewolf tries to answer that question.

"The State of Salesforce shows Salesforce continues to be an essential tool in many firms. An impressive 90 percent of respondents to Bluewolf’s survey rate it  “more valuable to their company today than it was a year ago.” Nearly 70 percent expect to increase their Salesforce budgets and 56 percent see potential for substantial innovation by using Salesforce.

Modern Intranets: From the Wild West to Digital Ecosystems

Social Business, Modern Intranets: From the Wild West to Digital EcosystemsIntranets have been around almost as long as the World Wide Web. During that time, a large body of expertise has grown up around them in the form of countless books and articles. But does this mean we have perfected the design of intranets?

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Defining the Modern Intranet - Meet the Experts #SocBizChat

Social Business, CMSWire Tweet Jam: Defining the Modern Intranet - Meet the Experts #SocBizChatAh, intranets — they can be our best friend or worst enemy. While some think that intranets have evolved with the times, others see enterprise social networks muscling intranets out. Be sure to tune in to tomorrow's Tweet Jam as we explore what features define modern intranets, what prevents user adoption and what direction they are headed.

Knowledge Is Power: Social and the Productivity-Based Business Case

We've all heard the claim that social business approaches increase worker productivity. But if you're looking to use that as the business case for your social business initiative, you should know — it's not as straightforward as many would have us believe.

5 Steps to a Strategic Intranet

Social Business, 5 Steps to a Strategic IntranetAs a growing number of multi-tasking millennials enter the workplace, companies are reevaluating their digital strategies and find themselves asking an important question: how can we create an engaging work environment for our employees?

The App Marketplace has a Target on Its Back

Everyone claims the jury is in — and the app marketplace has won. But the browser and those who support it are fighting back with a vengeance. I saw a bunch of fun and interesting stuff at last month's Velocity conference in New York City. One semi-veiled theme kept coming up: The app marketplace has a target on its back.

Digital Workplace: Set Clear Goals, Motivate, Avoid Distractions

Male Mountain Climber with ComputerWe don’t need surveys to know a lot of people work from home these days. The real challenge is knowing how to make it work — for both employees and employers.

Starting today, CMSWire catches up with three business leaders in the Remote Working World who have each discovered strategies that work and others that don't. 

We begin with Rebecca Tann, vice president of marketing for Regus, which conducted a flexible workspace study this fall.

So You Really Think Leaders Are Made Not Born?

Social Business, Psychology of Leadership, Leadership by Asa AaronsAsk a group of people if leadership flows from nature or nurture — and you'll get a lot of answers. Just last week, we published a story that asked the question Are Great Leaders Made or Born? 

Author Tom Lowery suggested it's a bit of both, "with an emphasis on nurture." But to really answer the question, don't we have to define leadership?

Weekend Reads: The Psychology of Leadership + Becoming a Customer-Centric Business

Weekend Reads: The Psychology of Leadership + Becoming Customer-CentricWhether you are enjoying a crisp Saturday morning in the park or still wrapped up in your blankets, what better way to kick off your weekend then taking some time to enjoy our featured articles from this week? Our social business space heated up as we discussed nature versus nurture and whether or not great leaders are made or born that way. We also took a look at the myths preventing businesses from being customer centric, and we took a look at breaking through the content management cloud cover. Sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads!

Apigee Institute: 7 Effective Habits of Chief Digital Officers


The role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a hot topic — and a new report from the Apigee Institute identifies seven effective habits CDOs should have.

The report, “Three Keys to Successful Digital Transformation,” surveyed more than 300 executives in firms with at least a  half billion dollars in annual revenue. 


Quandora Offers Companies the Chance to Share Knowledge Internally


Organizations have more content to wrangle than ever before. And every day, we produce more data — faster. Storing and combing through that data in a question and answer format is an established online practice. Now vendors like Quandora are trying to bring that capability to businesses.

8 Features Intranets Can Steal from Customer Experience Solutions

Social Business, 8 Features Intranets Can Steal from Customer Experience"Employees will treat customers the way they themselves are treated”

It’s commonly agreed that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers, which leads to improved business performance, completing the circle of success. So why don't companies devote the same effort to intranets that they devote to their external websites? 

Modern Intranets and the Technological Circle of Life

Social Business, Modern Intranets in the Technological Circle of LifeUpdates and improvements are commonplace in the enterprise technology world. Business needs change, demands pop up for different functionality and the technology must be amended to meet requirements or risk being rendered useless. This evolution is part of the technological circle of life, and things either survive and thrive or die off completely. 

Which brings us to corporate intranets.

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Defining the Modern Intranet #SocBizChat

Social Business, CMSWire Tweet Jam: Defining the Modern Intranet #SocBizChatAs we close the door on October and gear up for the upcoming holiday season — yes, I said it — what better way to spend some time then attending our approaching Tweet Jam? This time around we'll be exploring the state of the intranet — what role does it fill in internal communications, are social features a given at this point and is it time to retire them?

Three Ways to Drive Business Innovation, Every Day

Social Business, Three Ways to Drive Business Innovation, Every DayWhere do great ideas come from? The kind that drive innovation — original ideas with purpose that can transform a person, a business or even an entire industry?

It often seems that there is a random creativity to innovation and a dependence on the unexpected, perhaps even the accidental. We cannot simply say, “go forth and innovate.” Or can we?

Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant?

Social Business, Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant?Let’s dispense with the hype and marketing speak; an intranet is an internally focused, private website. And like all websites they’re meant to hand out information like a Pez dispenser. They are corporate brochureware and their time has come and gone.

Are Great Leaders Made or Born?

Social Business, Leadership and Psychology: Are Great Leaders Made or Born?Ask experts what the most asked question about leadership is, and they’ll usually answer "are they made or born?" There are dozens of books, decade’s worth of debates and many well-documented studies on the subject of leadership. Nevertheless, the debate rages on.

How Do You Define a Modern Intranet? It's Simple

Social Business, How Do You Define a Modern Intranet? It's SimpleIt's possible to dress up intranets with a lot of bells and whistles, but at the end of the day an intranet should do three high level things and do them well.

Reports of the Death of Remote Working Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Social Business, Reports of the Death of Remote Working Have Been Greatly ExaggeratedAt the beginning of 2013, it seemed that ever-improving mobile technology and home broadband speeds were finally delivering the “work anywhere” nirvana that so many of us had looked forward to. But since then, two unexpected announcements have caused many organizations to stop and reconsider whether they really want their workforce so widely distributed.

Social Business Tools, Talent Keep Workers on Task

Social Business Tools, Talent Keep Workers on TaskThe productivity of knowledge workers in the digital age clearly depends on the tools and talent available for given projects. Social business systems that include an activity feed with document sharing capability, for example, are important. But so is the right talent to go with them.