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Telligent Buys Zimbra from VMWare

Telligent Buys Zimbra from VMWareFor all the talk about email being dead, social collaboration tools sure do seem to lean pretty heavily on it, and email is exactly what Zimbra brings to Telligent after it was bought out from VMWare this week.

Atlassian Rolls Out Decisions Blueprint for Confluence

Atlassian Rolls Out Decisions Blueprint for ConfluenceAtlassian is set to release its latest Confluence tool called Decisions Blueprint, a sort of template for allowing online collaborators to track and record how critical decisions are made.

LiveHive Debuts Microsoft SkyDrive Link, Single Sign On

LiveHive Debuts Microsoft SkyDrive Link, Single Sign OnOnline collaboration specialist LiveHive has introduced a few updates this week including direct access to Microsoft SkyDrive, an Internet Explorer extension and single sign on capabilities.

From Manager To Director - The Other Hardest Transition in IT

professional development, stephen fishman, social business

Earlier this week, I wrote about the difficulty of transitioning into management from IT. If you've already made this leap yourself, you know how hard it can be and you may now be facing the other hard transition; from Manager to Director. The challenges in this transition are very different than jumping from an individual contributor role to a manager role, but they are no less daunting. The task in the first transition is to change how your organization and peers perceive you; the task this time around is changing how you perceive yourself.

Interview: Melissa Risteff On NewsGator's Ongoing Quest to 'Make Social Real'

interviews, newsgator, social business, social enterprise

NewsGator found itself in a position that may sound familiar to other businesses: its employees were disengaged. The work was getting done, but there was no emotional connection to it. It was time for a change.

Grow Your Business with Yammer Breakout #WPC13

Monday afternoon at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference I attended a session entitled “Grow Your Business with Yammer.” The session was led by Sarah Gunderson, who joined Microsoft as part of the Yammer acquisition. What I loved about the session is that she started with the why — why worry about social anyway?

A New Social Contract

A New Social ContractIn January 2004 I started writing a monthly column for Darwin magazine called Social Contract about the then-just-emerging awareness of social software, and since I am starting a weekly column here at CMSWire I thought I would take a look at that piece, with eight years of messing with social tools intervening. And I thought I'd reuse the title, as well.

Building SharePoint Solutions: Defining the Business Needs


While it's true the industry is changing and that workplaces are becoming more social, collaborative and interactive, it's also true that it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

Let's All Search Together

Collaborative SearchIs collaborative search a missing piece in the enterprise collaboration puzzle?

From Contributor to Manager - The Hardest Transition in IT

From Contributor to Manager - The Hardest Transition in IT, professional development, social business

Given the dearth of quality talent, finding a job as an individual contributor in the IT field has been quite easy for some time now. What has been a bit harder is to make the career transition into management positions. There are so many obstacles, both hidden and obvious, that many people give up rather than deal with the political machine that seems designed to restrict them to a life of system development and/or support. The stubborn few keep trying; interview after interview; sometimes company after company even, to get a shot at a job that leads to management.

Social Business App Review: Knowledge Sharing with Inc

Social Business App Review: Knowledge Sharing with IncSocial business tools are bubbling up in a steady stream of releases, and Inc is one of the newest, a so called knowledge sharing tool designed as a distraction free place for teams to work.

As Social Tools Mature, Does the Social Enterprise?

What's Next for Social EnterpriseWhat are the next steps for the vendors crowding the Enterprise 2.0 area today? 


Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work

Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work Daniel Kraft's goal has always been to look at how people work and how to make them more productive and happy. It seemed appropriate for him to take the reigns at NewsGator and from our interview, it appears he has fit in perfectly.

Knowledge Is Power: Redefining Social

Redefining Social BusinessLast time in the first article of this mini-series I argued that despite all the media attention, the market growth, the huge investment by companies like Microsoft, and the almost hysterical claims by some "experts," there’s a problem with "social" — there’s no clear definition, no one can clearly articulate how it works and there’s little reliable evidence that it actually delivers any business value. In this article I am going to address the first of these issues and offer a (new) definition for "social."

Weekend Reads: Mobile Security Myths, SharePoint's Not Enterprise Facebook

Another week has passed us by so why take a look at all the contributions you may have missed this week? We not only finished up our month long focus on the future of the Social Enterprise, we also talked SharePoint Social and debunked five of the most common mobile security myths. Have a great weekend and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

This Week: Adobe to Buy Neolane for $600 Mil + Disruption in Social Business

Marketing Automation in High Demand
Adobe has announced it will acquire marketing automation vendor, Neolane. It's main goal with this buy is to marry online and offline experiences — something many organizations strive to do.

Social Business Requires Disruption
A good CIO has a strong handle on traditional analytics. But the smartest CIOs know that analytics mixed with a dose of design thinking is the key to social business success.

Strange Bedfellows in the Cloud
While stranger couplings probably exist, few would have predicted two years ago, one year ago or even last week that Oracle and Salesforce would team up? The companies entered a nine year partnership this week to combine their cloud offerings. 

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LiveHive Social Business Workspace Debuts LiveTags

LiveHive Social Business Workspace Debuts LiveTagsIt's all fun and games until someone breaks out the tags. LiveHive, a collaborative online workspace (formerly known as CapturetoCloud) has debuted a smart tagging system to try and elevate its system to the level of truly productive.

Are Internal Social Business Professionals Worth More?

According to a recent Dachis Group and the Social Business Council survey, executives in internal social business roles, including knowledge management and IT, continue to earn more than social business execs in marketing and corporate communications. Why is internal social business worth more than external marketing?

How Open Communication Will Transform Business in the Next Decade

open communication"Trust happens when leaders are transparent, candid, and keep their word. It's that simple."  — Jack Welch

CIOs Must Become Design Thinkers

CIOs Must Become Design ThinkersDisruption requires a new mindset.