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CaptureToCloud Offers One Stop Social Content Sharing in the Cloud

 CaptureToCloud.jpegThis week a new social workspace debuted. CaptureToCloud is a platform designed to let users capture online content and save and share it easily. By allowing users to capture any type of digital content to share or collaborate with anyone on any device in the cloud, workflows can now accommodate timely and relevant information as it happens.

Content Collaboration in the Cloud

Recognizing that most of us are struggling to keep up with an ever increasing content load, CaptureToCloud aims to change how people work by eliminating the need to convert content from its original format into a file or having to keep important but different types of content in different places.

Instead users can capture online content or drag and drop items from Google Drive or files from Dropbox into their social cloud-based workspace, making it easy to organize content into topical or thematic collections and share them with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter or CaptureToCloud while retaining control of the content.

Additionally, CaptureToCloud lets users engage with one another in private conversations that include people from inside and outside the firewall and integrate relevant content to work smarter and transform information sharing and decision-making.  

Once logged in, the CaptureToCloud extension is automatically installed. Users can easily manage their library of captured content via the product's mainframe. 


CloudToCloud is tightly integrated with Google Apps and offers both a free and premium service and is available in the Google Apps Marketplace, Google Chrome Web Store, Google Play. 

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