How does technology impact employee engagement? We posed this question to Workshare Co-founder and CTO, Barry Hadfield to see what he'd have to say in light of some of its recent releases.

Last week, Workshare announced an integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Autonomy iManage. The integration allows users to securely share documents in fewer clicks, saving time and increasing security for users collaborating inside and outside the organization.

By making sure users do not need to download documents and send them as an email attachment, SharePoint and iManage users can easily synchronize documents stored in the DMS or ECM to Workshare’s secure platform. While this is just the first in a series of planned integrations to bridge the gap between traditional document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, we couldn’t help but wonder about the impact these types of integration have on employee engagement.

How does Workshare’s integration with SharePoint and Autonomy impact employee engagement, as well as productivity?