Oh how the smell of money draws us in. Really, who could stare at US$ 1.2 billion and walk away? Yammer has agreed to that nice tidy sum and joins Microsoft's ranks. Everyone has a thought on it, and it isn't all nice.

The Yammer /Microsoft Story

According to the companies, Yammer is joining the Office Division and the team will continue to report to David Sacks, Yammer CEO. It will continue to develop standalone applications, but will also be integrated with the likes of SharePoint, Office, Skype and MS Dynamics CRM.

That's the gist of this story.

According to David Sacks in a blog post:

With the backing of Microsoft, our aim is to massively accelerate our vision to change the way work gets done with software that is built for the enterprise and loved by users."

Now I know this is no surprise as it's been around the block "unofficially official" for a week or so now, and we really aren't getting much more information other than it is "official" and it's subject to "regulatory approvals".

The Industry Point of View

I've been saving some of these for this day, because they comments from the vendors in the industry are nothing short of interesting:

Microsoft’s acquisition validates the critical nature of social connectivity as an enterprise capability. If over the coming years MSFT is able to build out a fuller capability, they and the companies that invest in this technology might see a return on their investment. What the market needs to know is that fuller capabilities are available now, and that companies that use them are already getting a functional and financial benefit from the full-featured enterprise collaboration software that Moxie delivers today.” – Tom Kelly, CEO of Moxie Software.