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Microsoft Bets on Yammer to Change Itself and Us - Page 2

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Minor shortcomings in these systems which don't address specific business needs are often the difference between a successful or inefficient business network.

Microsoft seems to have ignored these critical requirements. Without addressing these issues, it has shunned the profitable top-end of the market in favor for a lower cost, mass appeal product. This may disappoint or even alienate larger businesses.

This is where the union with Yammer may show some cracks and where Microsoft’s offering could become significantly compromised. It may have bet early by purchasing Yammer, offering the product at such a low price-point and expecting immediate and massive sales.

What Next?

I have no doubt that private social business networks will eventually change the way people communicate in the business world. However, that will take time.

Microsoft’s strategy may now have unwittingly opened the door to new entrants who understand enterprise business requirements and can deliver flexible and customized solutions which better fit the market requirements. Only time will tell.

There is no doubt, however, that the ground around both Microsoft and enterprise social networking is now shifting fast and will continue to do so.

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Editor's Note: To read a different perspective on the Yammer acquisition, check out Kevin Conroy's Microsoft and Yammer: A Fresh Take

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Anthony Zets is a specialist in employee communication and social business networking. He is the founder and CEO of Mumba Cloud, a private social network designed for companies with complex and dispersed workforces.

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