With the working year now kicking off it's a perfect time for SharePoint business managers and administrators to make their New Year's resolutions. Whether you're looking after an intranet, collaboration portal, website, DMS, BI portal -- or all of these -- here's a few ideas to help you with the process of figuring out your priorities for the year, based on some of the more common personal resolutions we all make at the start of the year.

1. I will lose weight / get fit


Just like people, over time your SharePoint platform can tend to gather a little excess baggage. Redundant, outdated and trivial content ("ROT") can be clogging the system arteries and old, no longer used team sites can be adding to clutter.

SharePoint administrators should make a concerted effort to identify and remove the ROT -- working with the content owners to assess the currency and relevancy of content, then culling/retaining/archiving as appropriate.

To avoid the ROT in the first place it's all about getting in good habits. Instigate processes to get content regularly reviewed. One simple approach is to add expiry dates and content owners to content, then having automated alerts sent to the content owners on the expiry date. Do this diligently and your intranet will get that six pack!

2. I will learn something new / travel more

You don't need to learn to speak Mandarin or how to do macramé to manage a SharePoint business system. But it's vital that you keep the skills of you and your team up to date and relevant. It's equally important that you find time to take a fresh look at your intranet, etc.

Try attending some seminars and conferences this year -- these are a great opportunity to hear from experts and from other SharePoint users, who are trying to solve the same sort of problems as you. At the very least, you get the chance to take a break from business-as-usual and to take a wider view of things.

It's all about what Stephen Covey called "sharpening the saw."

3. I will drink less

Actually, when it comes to running SharePoint -- and unlike our personal lives -- partying too much is rarely a problem. More likely your intranet or collaboration portal is suffering from the opposite problem: being too dry and a little dull.