This week's International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference drew little interest from anyone but legal professionals.

But as the conference concludes, it is worth noting two new releases that underscore ongoing competition between OpenText and Microsoft in the document management and collaboration space. Both companies released new law-focused collaboration tools that focus on the secure transfer, syncing and sharing of documents.

  • OpenText announced the release of eDOCS10, its specialized document management application for the legal profession
  • Microsoft announced a preview of Office 365 Matter Center that enables file sharing and organization from the comfort of familiar productivity tools

Both solutions tackle the ongoing problem of document chaos in the enterprise.

Document Management Problems

There is no shortage of solutions for dealing with document management problems in the enterprise, including ones targeted at legal professionals. But none of them have stopped the ongoing problem of document chaos.

In recent research from Docurated, we saw that the two biggest problems at the moment are the proliferation of silos and the resulting inability to find the right content at the right time. Breaking this down even further, Docurated identified seven pain points for document management, including content spread across disparate repositories, five or more storage repositories, poor mobility and ‘lost’ documents, file and folder sprawl, antiquated technology and widespread use of file servers, inability to locate content and under use of less expensive cloud storage.

Both OpenText and Microsoft aim to solve these problems by making content easier to find as well as securely share documents across the enterprise.

eDOCS 10 claims it eliminates inefficiencies when dealing with large volumes of electronic content by creating a single, highly scalable library for all work products and information. With eDOCS DM, data such as documents, email, graphics, PDF's, scanned paper and electronic records are consolidated in a unified enterprise knowledge base for retrieval and collaboration.

In fact with eDOCS 10, OpenText offers enterprises a full range of document management capabilities that range from capture to governance, collaboration and security from both desktops and mobile devices.

Security is a Priority

Security is a core requirement for the legal profession. With this in mind, OpenText provides eDOCS users a collaborative workspace that can be accessed by all authorized users, including those outside the enterprise.