If you think that CMOs are really on the social bandwagon, you might want to reconsider. A new study from BusinessNext Social (Mark Fidelman's new conference) says only one in five CMOs are social. Doesn't seem to bode well for the social enterprise, does it?

Is Your CMO Social?

Here's the gist of this top 20 list: some CMOs are more social than they were before, and the ones that aren't have at least tried it. But the reality is, we have a long way to go before most CMOs really get this social thing. And that means, organizations also have a long way to go.

The original list for this study was supposed to be the top 25 (which is what was done a year and a half ago, and falls in line with what was done with the Top 25 Online SharePoint Influencers). The study was done by going to the websites of the Fortune 100 and finding the CMO or, if one didn't exist, the head of marketing and/or communications.

After they were found, 50 hours of research was done taking into account metrics such as Twitter followers, retweet frequency, social engagement frequency, social mentions, KRED scores and Klout scores. Scores were then done in a secret Mark Fidelman formula.

Who made the list? You will recognize the brands: Google, SAP, IBM, Apple, GE, Microsoft, Exxon Mobile, etc ... Who topped the list at #1? General Electric Company’s Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock), CMO and Senior Vice President. 

Following Comstock, we see:

  • 2. Google, Inc.’s Nikesh Arora (@nikesharora), Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer
  • 3. Apple, Inc.’s Philip Schiller (@pschiller), Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing
  • 4. IBM’s Jon C. Iwata (@coastw), Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • 5. SAP’s Jonathan Becker (@jbecher), CMO
  • 6. Dell’s Karen Quintos (@KarenDellCMO), CMO
  • 7. Exxon Mobil Corporation’s Ken Cohen (@ken_cohen) Vice President of Public and Government Affairs
  • 8. Microsoft’s Chris Capossela (@chriscapossela), CMO
  • 9. Cisco Systems’ Blair Christie (@BlairChristie), Senior Vice President and CMO, Government Affairs,
  • 10. Raytheon’s Pam Wickham ( @PamWickham1) Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications

According to Fidelman, 76% of the Fortune 100 CMOs don't have a Twitter footprint at all, 15 of the executives have at least 100 subscribers on Facebook and only 12 have a Klout score greater than 30.