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SocialText Takes Beta Tag Off SocialCalc, A Social Spreadsheet

Happy anniversary to the spreadsheet! That's right, thirty years ago today Dan Bricklin helped dream up and release VisiCalc, the world's original spreadsheet.

In the last three decades Bricklin has continued to exercise his love for cells and grids via the Product Lead position for SocialCalc. Socialtext's (news, site) spreadsheet solution is integrated in their suite and can link data from other spreadsheets and workspace pages. Like their name suggests, the tool also attempts to reflect the changing times by including various social features as well:



"SocialCalc is the next logical step for the spreadsheet," Bricklin said. "As we move into the social world, as typified by a wiki where there is one current copy that everyone can work from, the spreadsheet needs to move there, too."

To celebrate the concept's dirty thirty, the company has just stripped SocialCalc of its beta status. Existing Socialtext customers can get the tool for US$ 3 per month, while new customers can enjoy the tool free of charge for 2010. As usual, there is also a free trial version for all the skeptical. 

Social Media Minute: Peering Into Twitter Users' Habits, LinkedIn Usage Soars

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter Finally Cracking Down on Spam
  • Mobile Web Traffic Centered Around Social Networking
  • Stats Provide Insight Into Twitter User Behavior
  • LinkedIn Gains Its 50 Millionth User


Have Fun at Work with FMYI's Facebook-like Application

Have Fun at Work with FMYI's Facebook-like Application For My Innovation (FMYI) stepped into the ring to duke it out with fellow social solutions for the enterprise (think Socialtext) six versions ago, but this is the first time they've popped up on our radar.

In addition to some delightful, tree-hugging values, the FMYI package includes several features that are common in enterprise-level tools: a calendar, news feed, workspaces, the ability to post and share text, links, files, events and tasks, etc. Like its predecessors, version 6 of the app claims to go beyond work needs, but this time the company aims to make it fun. Automatically Sends Updates to Twitter Automatically Sends Updates to and Twitter. What more could you ask for on a Friday? If you're familiar with the highly popular blogging tool, then chances are you know about Ping-o-Matic! The simple update service comes built-in to, allowing people across the 'net to know when you've updated your blog by sending an XML-RPC ping each time you post. 

It's all about content distribution these days, so the solution makes a lot of sense. This week, it made a very natural—and likely expected—move by adding Twitter to the list of sites it sends updates to. Users can choose a default tweet or customize the message, as well as override the automatic settings on a per post basis. 

Previously the tool only alerted third-party services like Yahoo! Profiles, but with the way things are going with Twitter (up, up, up!) we can't imagine a move that makes more sense. For details on activating the service, head over to their support page

Microsoft Creates FUSE Labs for Social Media Research

Microsoft Creates FUSE Labs for Social Media ResearchReorganization strikes again! General Manager Lili Cheng is set to head the new FUSE Labs for Social Media Research at Microsoft, an apt title as the group will fuse members of the Creative Systems Group with the Rich Media and Startup Labs.

FUSE actually stands for Future Social Experiences, and the Web is abuzz with varying interpretations of what the reorganization, and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie's vaguely worded internal announcement, actually means for Microsoft going forward.

Social Media Minute: Employers Ban Social Media, Twitter Finally Gets Revenue Deals

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Social Media Sites Being Banned At Work
  • When It Comes to Brands and Products, Twitter Users Seek Information
  • Facebook as a Valuable Traffic Source
  • Twitter Working To Make Search Engines Better

Top 5 Best Twitter Tools for Business

Five Twitter Tools For BusinessEndless analysts, "social media experts" and pundits are telling you that it's imperative that you develop your Twitter presence. Yes, yes, yes…but what can you actually get out of it and what are the best tools with which to do this? We'll cleverly side-step the first question, thank you. As for the tools, here are what we consider the top 5 twitter tools worth some of your precious time.

J. Boye Aarhus Event Stacked with Interesting Speakers, Tutorials

The J. Boye Aarhus Conference is just around the corner. If you are headed there to soak up some new knowledge, by the looks of things you won't be disappointed.

Although originally a conference dedicated to content management topics, the gathering has evolved to include web strategy, user experience, online communications, information governance and more.

Experts in the Field

The list of speakers is lead by the opening keynote Design for Behavior Change: Why Facebook & Twitter Are Winning by BJ Fogg. Fogg is a researcher from Standford University where he has done cutting-edge research on the persuasive powers of software. He is listed as one of CNN's 10 new Gurus Your Should Know. Snazzy, eh?

Fogg's keynote focuses on how technology such as mobile and social media is influencing human behavior. Fogg will explain how three elements —  motivation, ability and triggers — combine to influence human behavior and how social media sites like Twitter and Facebook leverage these elements.

The J.Boye Conference in Aarhus is gathering of practitioners. This means that many of the speakers come directly from the trenches and speak to you plainly about what they've learned. Some of the notable names include: Bob Boiko, author of Laughing at the CIO and The Content Management Bible, Shawn Shell, SharePoint Expert and Jane McConnell, Intranet and portal strategy specialist.

Sessions and Tutorials

If the speakers aren't enough to entice, the tutorials and sessions should be. Included in these are:

  • Persuading People with Digital Media tutorial with BJ Fogg.
  • Two SharePoint tutorials: A governance perspective with Martin White, and Managing a Successful SharePoint Project with Shawn Shell.
  • And if you are going to learn more about Intranets, then you will want to attend Jane McConnell's tutorial, Intranet Governance: a powerful tool, where she will reveal for the first time the results of her company's 4th annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey.

Sessions run the gamut from Content Management Marketplace and Trends to Intranet governance, to social media, to a number of actual case studies and much more.

Taking place November 4th - 6th, the J Boye event is packed with best practices, lessons learned and advice from industry experts. If you haven't already registered, it's time to do so.

Socialcast's New Analytics Suite Muzzles Useless Chatter

Socialcast Analytics Suite Helps Filter Out Social Media BuzzSocialcast (news, site) seems to've echoed various vendors' recent-and very successful-forays into providing solutions for revealing what goes on behind the scenes of enterprise microblogging.

Their new analytics software, Social Business Intelligence (SBI), gauges social activity within company walls and scrutinizes interactivity patterns between users. Such deep digging allows the tool to cut out the useless chitchat and focus solely on valuable discussions.

IntelBuilder: A Tale of Two Solutions

IntelBuilder: A Tale of Two SolutionsFridays are generally good for fun stuff, right? Readers, meet IntelBuilder, a mixture of two very special worlds.

Intelbuilder acts as both a content management system and a social media platform. With it users can enjoy all the glory that comes with publishing content on a website, as well as Web application framework.

Tikiwiki 3.2 Release Bundles 200 Enhancements

tikiwiki_logo_2009.jpgCMS/Groupware team TikiWiki (news, site) packs in the upgrades and improvements in the latest release of its wiki open-source super-tool.

Amaxus Web CMS Get Social, Faster and Easier to Use

amaxus_logo.JPGThe Amaxus platform has been part of the Web content management pool since 2001, but it wasn't properly introduced to the Web until just last month. 

That is to say, see how we linked 'Amaxus' to the Amaxus website? We could never do that before! We're not exactly sure what inspired Box UK—the team behind the Amaxus curtain—to finally outwardly share their content secret, but perhaps it has something to do with the launch of  release of Version 4 of the Amaxus software. The update boasts a revamped user interface, support for the latest technologies, and features such as a social networking module.

TypePad: Now Open for Developers and Microbloggers

TypePad: Now Open for Developers and MicrobloggersSix Apart (news, site) is all over the place lately. In addition to Movable Type integrating Zemanta, the company has two new introductions to make. 

TypePad Cloud Platform is a new tool that enables developers to build social applications via the system's API. Meanwhile storage, infrastructure and organization of the data is left to TypePad's cloud environment.  Secondly, meet TypePad Motion, the first application built on the new platform. Typepad Motion is a microblogging app that evolved from Pownce, which Six Apart acquired last year. 

Google Wave Has Arrived--For Some of Us

Yesterday Google Wave made headlines once again as Big G began to send out the 100,000 preview invitations they promised. The real time communication and collaboration tool's preview release will reportedly be hosted on the platform's own website rather than in the separate "sandbox" developers have been using since the platform's release to developers in May. 

"In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up," said Google Wave Project Manager, Dan Peterson.

Will Google Wave be the next step in communication as so many like to imagine it will? Or the viable alternative to traditional e-mail that Google themselves planned for it to be? Well, we're about to find out. If you didn't help report bugs and are feeling lousy about it, don't worry. Google wave is expected to be officially released for public use early next year. Alternatively, you could comb the net for someone who was invited, as each of the 100,000 chosen also received 5 invited of their own. 

In any case, keep up with the movement here

Social Media Minute: How Social Networking Sites Are Selling Your Identity

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • How Social Networking Sites Are Selling Your Identity
  • Twitter Users Like Ads
  • New England Patriots Build Their Social Presence Soley on Facebook
  • Facebook Users Are Urban And Affluent

Customer Experience Affected Most by Social Media Channel

alterian_logo.jpgWake up call: social media is more than just communication, it’s customer engagement. If you’re not engaging with customers using social media, you’re not maximizing your effort.

Research from Alterian’s Engaging Times Summit has revealed that social media is the biggest factor changing how marketers approach customer engagement. Enter: a new type of customer engagement strategy for how to best handle brand interaction.

The study explored the shifting marketing landscape and increasing importance of true customer engagement and surveyed more than 200 marketing professionals at Alterian's Engaging Times Summit in August, 2009.

Digsby Updates Include New Twitter Interface, Facebook Newsfeed

Digsby Updates Include New Twitter Interface, Facebook NewsfeedDigsby (news, site) adds yet more features to its packed, grid-computing supported, multiple-social-media application.

Microsoft's LookingGlass: Monitor, Engage and Analyze Social Media

MSAd_logo_2009.jpgIt's no secret that social media should be a major part of any organization's marketing strategy. The question is, how do you take advantage of this channel in a way that has a direct impact on your business? Microsoft's latest proof of concept, the LookingGlass, is designed to do just that.

New Media Atlanta: Off and Running

new-media-atlanta-logo-2009.jpg Atlanta plays host today to a full house of social media mavens for the New Media Atlanta 2009 conference. The morning presentations have been interesting, to say the least.

Realtime Web Search Vendor OneRiot Launches Developer Network

Realtime Web Search Vendor OneRiot Launches Developer Network  Improving developer culture is kind of a hot ticket right now, and extra focus on the cogs of that has been apparent in recent months from platforms like EMC, Joomla! and Plone.

Real time search startup OneRiot (news, site) cut themselves a slice of the action this week by launching the OneRiot Developer Network (ORDN). Acting as a watering hole, the new meeting place will serve as an excellent starting point for third party developers, sustaining those with important API questions, or those who just want to connect/start a specific conversation. 


OneRiot Developer Network

Leading the project is Robert Reich, co-founder of OneRiot. Considering the fact that the last time Reich had his hands in a community it went on to become the third largest meet-up in the country, we think it's fair to assume a lot of people are expecting great things from the new network.