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Latest Social Media News & Articles

Yuuguu Offers Instant Conferencing, Chat and Meetings in One

yuuguu_logo_2010.jpgBritish software company Yuuguu hits the market with a messaging platform for all seasons offering a range of collaboration and communication tools.

Seesmic Look: Social Media Marketing with Twitter

Seesmic Look: Twitter Gets a Makeover, Goes MainstreamSick of TweetDeck, Twhirl or Twitterific? Of alliterative Twitter clients? Then maybe Seesmic (news, site) has what you’re looking for. The new Seesmic Look is for the Twitter user in need of a simple, sleek solution (sorry).  

Social Media Minute: Social Media Popularity Rises, IE Declared Unsafe

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • ICQ Launches New Client With Real time Features
  • Study: Social Networks Not Keeping Students Up At Night
  • Majority Of Internet Users Use Social Media
  • Internet Explorer Declared Unsafe By Germany, France

Twitter Takes on Facebook Connect With New Tools for Website Integration

Twitter Takes on Facebook Connect With New Tools for Website Integration Why waste all that time creating an account on a website when you can login with one click of your mouse? Such is the beauty of Facebook Connect. And, if we’re lucky, soon the same will go for Twitter (news, site) as well.

Word on the street is that the microblogging champs are planning to release a set of tools that will enable third party websites to integrate Twitter features directly into their websites and services.

Not to be mistaken for Twitter’s Simply Buttons with a new look (the buttons let users on third party sites sign into Twitter), the new features will reportedly allow websites to authenticate users, pull data and publish it back to Twitter. Though it’s true that all these functionalities currently exist, they’re not wrapped in the neat little package that Facebook Connect offers.

Facebook Connect has gained massive popularity since its release in 2008, currently extending to 80,000 websites with a monthly 60 million users. And let’s not forget a recent and fairly significant move from Myspace. Once thought to be the king of social networks, the site bowed pretty low when it integrated Facebook Connect into its Fan Video service last week.

Will Twitter’s upcoming tools catch on? Towards the end of 2009 our fine feathered friend saw an unexpected leveling out in their growth rate, causing many to wonder the site would do next. Perhaps these connectivity tools are one their tricks for an explosive 2010. 

The End of an Era: Myspace Implements Facebook Connect

The End of an Era: Myspace Implements Facebook ConnectOnce upon a time Myspace was the king of social networking and everyone in the land worshipped it for its profile customizability and infamous Top 8 function.

Facebook has long since usurped the throne when it comes to growth and overall number of users, but rather than be bitter it appears Myspace is adopting a familiar adage: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

What we’re talking about of course is Myspace’s recent decision to implement Facebook Connect on its Fan Video service. The service (if it’s not blocked in your region) allows a user to mashup eight music videos. Once a mashup is complete they can utilize the implementation for sharing their Myspace creations directly with Facebook friends.

The idea is that by bringing media from Myspace—now primarily known for music and video—back to Facebook, which continuously lacks in both areas, Myspace will be able to leverage their content and expose it to millions that may not have seen it otherwise. It’s a pretty anticlimactic development if you’re blocked from using Fan Video, but it speaks volumes about who’s who in social networking.

Finally, now partners rather than enemies, it will be interesting to see how Myspace's commitment to using Facebook's technology will continue to play out in 2010.

Sentiment Tracking Firm Raises $22 Mil 3rd Round

Sentiment Tracking Firm Raises $22 Mil 3rd RoundThere’s reason to believe in social media monitoring startup Visible Technologies (news, site). The company recently raised US$ 22 million in Series C funding, totaling their pot to a nice US$ 34 million. The dollars came from Investor Growth Capital, while previous backers Centurion Holdings, Ignition Partners, In-Q-Tel and WPP, also participated.

Social Media Minute: Privacy is in the Past, What Twitter Users Tweet About

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Mark Zuckerberg Says Privacy Is In The Past
  • Social Networks Help Raise Money for Haiti
  • Facebook Now Allows You To Comment Via Email
  • Exploring Tweets: What Twitter Users Talk About

Mzinga Adds Social Video via Kaltura Partnership

Kaltura open source video platformKaltura's online video platform is going more places as of today. Mzinga (news, site) has integrated Kaltura's enterprise video solution into their OmniSocialTM social software platform.

Google's Open Web Momentum, Boosted by Chris Messina?

Everyone knows that there are idealists, and there are pragmatists, and the two don't mix. Right? Well, the world is rarely that black and white. Want proof? A key name in the history of open source and the open web has just gone to work for a company-devouring corporation.

Movable Type 5 Released, Adds Versioning, Better Management

Movable Type 5 Comes Out to Play, Brings Version TrackingWe’re about a week into the New Year, but don’t cork up those bottles just yet. At long last, Six Apart (news, site) has released Movable Type 5. The new version is being called “a great milestone in the 8 years of Movable Type history” by its team, and MT users are more than happy to welcome some long-awaited features — features which we say take this project one step closer being a full-fledged Web CMS.  

Jive Gets Social Media Monitoring via Filtrbox Acquisition

Jive Acquires FiltrBox for Social Media MonitoringThe start of 2010 is bring news of acquisitions left and right in the social media world. Not to be left out, Jive Software (news, site) adds their name to the list of acquirers picking up social media monitoring provider Filtrbox.


Social Media Minute: Facebook Crowd-Sources Content Policing, Social Acquisitions Galore

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Facebook Asks Users To Point Out Inappropriate Content
  • Seesmic Buys for Status Aggregation
  • Social Networking Sites Prime Targets for Cybercrimminals
  • Critical Path Buys Up Shozu

Mobile Social Media Provider ShoZu Acquired by Critical Path

shozu_logo_2010.jpg Social Media is a hot ticket for VCs. ShoZu alone picked up US$ 25 million total in funding from investors since its inception. That investment has paid off as ShoZu gets acquired by Critical Path, a provider of messaging services and software.

Seesmic Acquires; Keep All Your Social Networks Updated

seesmic_logo_2010.jpg Seesmic always seemed to be the underdog Twitter client to TweetDeck. But that looks like it could change now that Seesmic has acquired and with it the ability to instantly update over 50 different social networks at once.

Social Media Minute: Bing Goes iPhone, Microsoft Gets Called Out

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Bing Joins iPhone App Store Ranks With New App
  • Twitter Begins Trials of Business-focused Features
  • Microsoft Pulls Micro-Blogging Product In China
  • Coming Soon: Reply To Facebook Messages Via Email

Google, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress: The Interwebs of Cross Publishing

If you've ever wanted all your information in one place, your lucky days are upon you. The stars have begun to align and Santa is delivering some early Christmas gifts, including Google's FeedBurner RSS feed that automatically publishes to Twitter, WordPress blogs that can be posted to and read from Twitter apps, and a new Facebook URL shortener.

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In Framework

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In FrameworkAtex’s baby, Polopoly Web CMS (news, site), came around for round 9.14 last week. The highlight of the new version is the inclusion of widget plug-in framework, which aims to make tacking on third-party website components that much easier.

GRC Roll Up: Technology Improvements, Impacts and Social Media Compliance

As we inch closer to 2010, resolutions and predictions for the New Year are not uncommon. Many companies are addressing hot topics with webinars or at conferences. Even the legal industry and the companies that serve them are making lists. Let’s take a look.

Social Media Minute: Twitter Opens Up, Watch What You Say on Facebook

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Dell Tweets Itself $6.5 Million in Sales
  • Because of Google, Watch What You Say On Facebook
  • Social Networking Helps Win DARPA Balloon Challenge
  • Twitter Opens Up Full Stream To All Developers, Has 50,000 Apps

#LeWeb Twitter Showers Developers with Real Time Love, Announces New Conference

chirp-twitter-devs_2009.jpg Today at the LeWeb conference here in Paris, Ryan Sarver, Twitter's Director of Platform made a series of four announcements, including the unveiling of Chirp — a developer focused conference that will take place in San Francisco in Spring 2010.

Not a lot of details were provided, but there is a festive event page up, which is similarly scant on the finer points. A hard date has not yet been announced, but from comments over at TechCrunch Ryan Carson of Casonified is said to be producing the event. Ryan is also behind the Future of Web Apps and the Future of Web Design events.

The other 3 announcements made by Sarver include:

  • The real time "fire hose" of data will be made available for all developer partners, not just the big boys like Google and Microsoft. This is a 2010 item.
  • Twitter developers will get a new, cozy home on the web. The new dev website will be designed to better facilitate individual productivity, company transparency and collaboration.
  • Developers using oAuth for access will soon get a 10x increase in the cap of requests per hour that they can make. Those using Basic Auth will need to move on as support for this will be phased out over the next 6 months.

What can we in the content and collaboration industry read from these and other themes at LeWeb?

I see two obvious items. First, the real time data expectations are going to affect what customers expect of content and collaboration technologies — non-real time is going to start appearing dated. Second, integration of data, sentiment and identity from services such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace is going to become increasingly seen as a standard requirement. Products which claim to be marketing suites will need to be pushing and pulling data in and out of the social fire hoses.