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Social Media Briefs: Hello Twitter Targeted Ads, Goodbye Alta Vista


Whether you celebrated Canada Day, the Fourth of July this week or were on a holiday or your own, you may have missed the following social media news. 

Happy Birthday Google+, Celebrates With New Follow Button


 Happy Birthday to Google+, twhich celebrates its second birthday today. The social network that is steadily building up a head of steam as a conversation maker and builder for netizens, also has some new features for users, as older Google products are closed down. 

Social Media Briefs: LinkedIn, Social Analytics and a Social Celebration


This week, LinkedIn announced new features, a partnership and a milestone, while several social analytics tools launched. This weekend, we're getting ready to celebrate World Social Media Day. What's not to love?

Smartwatches and Consoles To Drive the Digital Ecosystem, Could Save Your Life

hon hai iphone smartwatch

All the mobile players already have, or are working toward, a smartwatch as a companion for their phones, with potentially life-saving utility for users. It also seems that a games console will be the next desirable ecosystem-expanding object to keep users invested.

Tellagence Discover Offers Marketers Insight into Customer Conversations on Twitter

Customer Experience: Tellagence Launches Tellagence Discover

Social analytics company Tellagence has released Tellagence Discover, a social research and analytics tool for Twitter designed to improve how marketers connect with customers through a keyword conversation method.

Facebook Updates Ads Manager Reports, Mobile Apps Install Ads

Facebook Updates Ads Manager ReportsThe steady stream of updates to Facebook’s advertising platform continues with changes to the Ads Manager Reports and the Mobile App Install Ads tools.

The Four Orders of Benefits for Calculating Social ROI

Calculating Return on Investment on Social MediaWith each generation, the value of social media activity has slowly shifted from a purely personal value proposition to one where online branding, network quality and broadcast have become increasingly important. As these external measures have grown in importantance, social media ROI has become something that can potentially be calculated.

Five Cool Things From Microsoft's Build Keynote #bldwin

build keynote microsoft windows 8.1 steve ballmer

While the release of Windows 8.1 was the biggie at Microsoft's first keynote, there was lots of other smart, useful or fun features, either as part of Windows or from other areas, that are coming developers and users way as part of Microsoft's future plans. 


Reported: Facebook to Launch News Reader Service

Reported: Facebook to Launch News Reader Service, social media

According to reports, Facebook is about to be a bit more news-oriented with Reader: a mobile newspaper service.

Instagram Video Comes into View

Instagram Video Comes into View

As video use explodes in the enterprise, Instagram has decided the time has come to slip into the scene, and it has announced its very own video service.


Facebook Updates Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights Update

The updates to Facebook continue as its Facebook Insights branch debuts a new look that's designed to make data easier to understand and more actionable.

Facebook Advertisers Reach the 1 Million Mark

Facebook 1 Million Advertisers, social media

The viability of Facebook as an advertising platform has been reaffirmed with the announcement that 1 million advertisers now use the social network.

Digital Tools Settle into Daily Life But Still Like to Disrupt #e2conf

e2conf, digital disruption, enterprise 2.0, social business

Someday, describing software or services as social business will be as redundant as describing a dinner party as a social event. It will be assumed. At the moment, however, social business is one of the Big Four catch-phrases of where the enterprise is now, as evidenced by the abundance of social software and services on display at the E2 Conference, taking place this week in Boston.

IBM Targets CMOs with Cloud Suite Offerings, Adds Social Media Analytics

IBM Targets CMOs with Cloud Suite Offerings, Adds Social Media AnalyticsIBM is continuing its push into the cloud with the release of a social media analytics tool targeting CMOs.

Twitter Profile Promotion: #FollowMe

social media, Twitter #FollowMe

To help its users keep track of their most memorable moments and to gain more followers, Twitter has launched a new engagement tool: #FollowMe.

Social Media Briefs: Google+ in your Inbox, Tumblr Domain Updates


Assuming you were busy adding hashtags to your Facebook posts or checking out your Tweets’ analytics on Twitter, you may have missed some of the other social media-related news this week.

Yahoo Continues Acquiring to Add Features for Flickr and Comms Apps


Marissa Mayer's company has been waving its checkbook again, adding yet more talent and technology as it continues to revamp and refocus on features. This week's acquisitions include photo app maker GhostBird and conference call company Rondee. 

View Your Tweet Performance for Free Under Twitter's Ad Site


Twitter's Timeline Activity feature has become free-to-view, sneaking out into the limelight, presumably to get more people advertising on Twitter. Now any user can see the activity around their tweets and follower activity. 

Google+ Adds Dashboard Tool for Unified Business Activity Monitoring

Google+ Dashboard

Building a social and digital presence can be a trying task for many businesses, but Google aims to improve this with a new dashboard tool for Google+.

Facebook Drops Sponsored Stories, Introduces Social Context Ads

Facebook Sponsored Story Change

Over the next few months, advertisers who use Facebook will have a few less options, as the social network is restructuring its ad platform to improve efficiency and eliminate repetition.