This week in the CMS industry (don't start the acronym war on me), we saw WCM vendors change jobs to become analysts and continued sparks (or flames for some) around the (seemingly never-ending) debate on whether WordPress is a CMS.

I once said that WP is a web publishing tool in my books. Gilbane's Scott Liewehr (@sliewehr) weighed in on the current round of the debate saying:

I don’t think of WordPress (WP) as a WCMS, but that’s just me. I’m happy to call it a blog publishing application, or even a web publishing system, but having worked in the content management industry for over ten years as a practitioner, consultant and analyst, I have a pretty clear understanding of what a WCMS is…at least in my own mind.

Laurence Hart (aka @piewords) summed it up well:

You know, there is a lot of things that I can do to manage content using Microsoft Office, and nobody will call it a CMS.

Just like with selecting wine, there's no best wine (or best CMS, for that matter) -- massive, exuberant, tannic Cabernets will probably not go well with delicate fish like flounder. But there's just the right one to go with what's on your dinner plate.

In other news in the world of Web CMS and Enterprise CMS:

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