TweetDeck Twitter Desktop AIR Client TweetDeck, a Twitter desktop application built using Adobe AIR technology, has released version 0.19b of its popular Twitter desktop client with the hopes to recapture those who shied away from the previous releases. This latest version adds new quality features that just might be able to recapture those users who have moved on. Twitter fanatics are going crazy over the latest release of TweetDeck, which was one of the first highly customizable Twitter AIR-based applications. The three-month-old TweetDeck application gives the user the ability to filter and sort information in a highly-customizable fashion. Columns within the interface can hold these various groupings of information -- Twitter's power users will likely appreciate TweetDeck the most. TweetDeck Twitter Desktop AIR Client
TweetDeck's main interface

Some of the features of TweetDeck include: * Storage of global updates to keep up-to-date * Continual status updates * Resizing and customization of TweetDeck * Full-screen capability * Ability to filter updates for up to 48 hours * Auto updates though the Twitter API One of the developers for TweetDeck, Iain Dodsworth, explained why he appreciates the latest version of TweetDeck: "I was missing tweets from my real friends, who were drowned out by other people I was following. I decided to fix this for myself by splitting/segmenting the feed out to make it more manageable. And then along the way added new features such as Summize search and integrated Twitter-based services. I sent the app to ten people who I knew and they were extremely positive about it and it has grown from there." As social media grows in quantity, tools are needed to sort through all the excess information, and TweetDeck helps those Twitter users who might feel a bit overwhelmed. Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista users can download the latest version of TweetDeck, but Unix-based operating systems are neglected. Update: We have been told that TweetDeck is available for Unix-based operating systems.