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Web Content Management System (CMS) News & Articles

Five Things to Localize + Five to Keep Centralized in Web Content Management

Back in the 1990's, many companies had only one global website to represent their businesses. Now you’re likely to have a dedicated website for each of your markets, and may even have several.

Make Mobile Apps Stickier with UserVoice's Updated Customer Support

Mobile apps have a new weapon in the battle for customer eyeballs, a fight often lost because a company is too focused on getting new customers instead of nurturing current ones. UserVoice, a customer support vendor, has released a tool meant to increase customer engagement, and generate richer feedback right inside the app itself.

Decibel Technology Launches Online Behavior Analysis Tool

Website development/management technology vendor Decibel Technology is launching an online behavior analysis tool called Decibel Insight. 

Web CMS Quick Take Review: Concrete 5

Marianne Kay takes a deep dive into the Concrete5 web content management system. Here's what she found.

Case Study: Travelocity, MyMove Enhance Web Content Management with Adobe CQ

Adobe touts its Adobe CQ platform and the various marketing solutions it supports and integrates with as a means for marketers to easily manage and deliver multichannel digital content. However, while Adobe’s promotional materials provide an interesting overview of CQ, there is nothing better than actual end user experience to illustrate how well a particular technology works.

A New King In Town For Managing e-Commerce Experiences

There is a fundamental change going on in e-commerce — and we’re seeing it happen right before our eyes.

There's No Such Thing as CXM

For those of you just tuning in, CXM is the acronym that the content management industry is using to describe “Customer eXperience Management.” 

OmniUpdate Enables WebDAV Access for OUCampus 9.18

Web CMS provider OmniUpdate, which specializes in serving the web content management needs of the higher education industry, is releasing version 9.18 of its OU Campus CMS platform.

It Takes a System: Web Experience Management Meets Marketing Automation

As more and more companies use websites as the key driver for business, marketers are challenged with aligning a system of tools to deliver. Let's take a look at how Best-in-Class companies are doing this.

Mac App Store Loads up on BitNami Drupal, WordPress + Joomla! CMS Stacks

Open source developers of the Apple persuasion can now download BitNami CMS apps from the Mac App Store, and Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! versions are all there.

Vulnerable Websites are Here to Stay

Recently a Dutch agency investigated the vulnerability of Dutch municipality websites and the results are quite shocking. At least, that was my first sentiment when I read the results. Almost one quarter of all local government websites use an outdated Web CMS or other web software tool version.

Web CMS Just a Tool? For Sourcefabric, It's a Weapon for Press Freedom

For most people, a web content management system (Web CMS) is a tool for the day-to-day chores of running a website. For Sourcefabric, a non-profit organization based in Prague, a Web CMS is a weapon for press freedom. Recently, spoke to Sourcefabric’s head of communications, Adam Thomas, about his organization’s efforts to support the 21st century version of the small printing press. 

eZ Systems Partners with Net-Results for Integrated Marketing Automation Solution

Open source Web CMS/Customer experience technology provider eZ Systems is partnering with marketing automation solutions vendor Net-Results to release eZ Marketing Automation. The new solution integrates the Net-Results marketing automation suite with the eZ Publish 5 digital content management platform.

Libre Office 4.0 Adds New Features, CMS Support and Greater Compatibility

libreoffice_logo_2010.jpg Continuing to fight the open source Office battle, Libre Office has had a major upgrade to version 4.0 with cleaner code, improved interoperability with other suites, presentation remote control and new themes. 

How Many Web Pages Can One Person Manage?

It’s a basic question that gets to the heart of what content managers do, and it's important for organizations to know, too, for resourcing and staffing purposes. In a 2009 CMSWire article, McGovern asked the same question. Based on his experience, he wrote that we’re “still in the early stages of web management” and that “200 pages is a lot for one person, especially if you're going to be continuously reviewing and improving these pages.” Although it made sense to me, I wanted to know what other content managers thought. I opened a survey last month to find out. 

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager v7.3: Enhanced Cloud, Migration Capabilities

With the release of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 7.3 the company continues to build out its web content management system with developers in mind. Last April in v7.2 it focused on making the product easier to use, integrate with and host. In v7.3 the focus is on scalability, migration, website and online management, and self-service capabilities.

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step 2: Content

Content managers, our time is now.

The Newer Pantheon Reaches Traffic Goal with Its Drupal SaaS Platform

The Pantheon is an ancient temple to the gods, who ruled from the clouds above. So, it’s fitting that Pantheon is the name of a company that provides a platform in the cloud where developers can worship Drupal, the open source web content management system. A platform that the company said this week, is getting over one billion hits a month.  

Ektron OEMs the Aloha HTML5 Editor for its Web Content Management System

Web content management (WCM) vendor Ektron is entering an OEM agreement with Austrian CMS provider Gentics Software GmbH that will allow Ektron to distribute its Web CMS with the HTML5-based WYSIWYG Gentics Aloha Editor.

Ars Logica Report Puts eZ Publish 5 on Par with Adobe CQ, SDL Tridion

Independent analysts firm Ars Logica has released a new Compass Guide on the eZ Publish WCM platform from eZ Systems, putting the newest version 5 nearly on par with segment leaders Adobe CQ and SDL Tridion.