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Web Content Management System (CMS) News & Articles

Time to Support IE 7 ......and IE 6

Internet Explorer 7According to Microsoft, the final release of IE7 is fast approaching, really fast approaching. As in, probably this month.

And whether or not most end users know it, IE 7 will be delivered to Windows customers via a high priority Automatic Update just a few weeks after it's publicly available. If you haven't already started preparing for IE 7, its getting late in the day.

Sitecore CMS Integrates Mondo Search

The popular Sitecore ASP.NET Web CMS gets a feature boost with enterprise search and search analytics from Mondosoft.

Web users will enjoy comprehensive search features, customized to the Sitecore look-and-feel. And, web administrators can now access reports on-demand, based on what visitors searched for and found, and — sometimes more importantly — what they did not find. A win-win for users and the geeks that serve them.

European CMS Market Cluttered, but Wide Open

Choices, choices, choices… but no big players yet. That's the message for European CMS technology buyers, according to the European edition of the CMS Report by CMS Watch, released today. “Standard”, and “Enterprise” — for large multi-site projects — editions are available.

Fall Enterprise CMS Conference Roundup

Hello Movers and Shakers… ready to fly from Austin to San Jose to Boston? The fall season is busy, busy, busy. Following is a round-up of the major Content Management conferences around the corner.

Quantum Art: Free ASP.NET Web CMS

Quantum Art QP7 Web CMSQuantum Art's QP7 platform has never been your typical commercial Web CMS. Architecturally, it came in the door as a platform meant to be shaped and molded to fit the client's content business model. Aesthetically, it provided a better than average back office UI with an elegant design.

These things are still true. What's changed is that now it comes in the door, and yes its the front door, for free, gratis, gratuit.

Enterprise CMS Trends Featured at Industry Conference

Vignette has announced its lineup of speakers, panelists and sponsors for the seventh annual “Vignette Village” North American customer conference in Austin, TX on October 23-25, 2006.

The CMS World Convenes for Gilbane Conference

Gilbane Content Management ConferenceLeading international event covers what's hot and what's not in the Content Management world. The gathering focuses on web content management, digital asset management, and enterprise content management. Additional topics include wikis, blogs, search, collaboration and automated publishing solutions.

TiddlyWiki Thingy Updated, On a Stick

If you haven't experienced the mind bending Wiki weirdness of TiddlyWiki's JavaScript jungle, well now you can and with a shiny new version Mr. Ruston has named two-point-one.

Is Firefox Really More Secure?

Firefox SecurityAt the ToorCon hacker convention in San Diego SixApart employee Mischa Spiegelmock recently called Firefox's security “a complete mess” and “impossible to patch”.

Web CMS Acquisitions: Hot Banana

The M&A frenzy continued earlier this week as J.L. Halsey Corporation grabbed Web CMS vendor, Hot Banana, and web analytics vendor, ClickTracks. Importantly, I have to wonder how quickly they'll re-brand Hot Banana.

Geek Alert: New Perl Port of Lucene

The field of Lucene ports just sprouted another flower. The latest, a CPAN Perl module who's name is, yes, “Lucene”. This is not a port strictly speaking, but a Perl wrapper around the C++ port of Lucene and as such should be smoking fast as compared to relatives like Plucene.

Open Text Targets Bloggers, Collaboration

Enterprise CMS vendor Open Text pushes towards the corporate blogging and collaboration market with updates to the education-centric FirstClass communications suite of products.

Web CMS: Quantum Art Gets Cozy with .NET

Web CMS: Quantum ArtSan Francisco-based Quantum Art updates their QP7 Web CMS platform and makes better friends with Visual Studio, adding a RAD module for content application development.

Enterprise CMS Acquisitions: Open Text Grabs Hummingbird

ECM vendor Open Text reports an agreement to acquire 100% of Hummingbird Ltd. in an all cash deal. Hummingbird acquired Web CMS vendor RedDot just over a year ago.

XHTML 2.0 Spec Updated

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has released the eighth public working draft of “XHTML 2.0.”

Xerox: Get Serious about Content Management!

In a Gerry McGovern-esque move Xerox has recommended that companies create a new personnel role to streamline content management. The “Director of Documents” would focus on the control of business documents, ensure compliance with regulations and look for cost savings in the content life cycle.

Emagine Updates ASP.NET Web CMS

Belgium-based Emagine updates their flagship Web Content Management (Web CMS) product, emagiC. Release 3.0 focuses on ease of use, rapid adoption, and wizard-driven management.

Plone Open Source CMS Conference

The fourth annual Plone Conference, will be held October 25-27, 2006 at the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms in Seattle, Washington USA.

The conference spans three full days and includes talks, tutorials and workshops for Plone developers, Plone implementers, and those who seek to join the Plone community.

O'Reilly Spotlights Enterprise CMS

lfresco Software, one of the first providers of open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, is being featured by O'Reilly at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) starting today.

Alfresco VP, Kevin Cochrane, will present during the O'Reilly Spotlight, 1:00 PM Pacific Time tomorrow the 25th.

The Best Open Source CMS

Best Open Source CMS Packt, the publisher of many a useful CMS book, announces an official quest for “The Best Open Source CMS” and an according, annual set of prizes around the “Packt Open Source CMS” yearly winners.