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Web Content Management System (CMS) News & Articles

The Best Open Source CMS

Best Open Source CMS Packt, the publisher of many a useful CMS book, announces an official quest for “The Best Open Source CMS” and an according, annual set of prizes around the “Packt Open Source CMS” yearly winners.

Bye Microsoft CMS, Hello MOSS WCM

The Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) has been emerging in its new form over the past two and a half years. Beta 2 is out and we're told production will arrive in the environs of late 2006.

As for MCMS 2002 as we have known it? Its gone. Its history. Its a fading memory.

Magnolia Open Source CMS Updated

Magnolia 3.0 is out the door. A “commercial open-source” project, Magnolia integrates web content management (CMS) and document management (DMS) through a single, web-based, AJAX-powered user interface.

Version 3.0 brings together 3+ years of research and development and is one of the few CMS products to support the JSR-170 content repository standard.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web 2.0

Hell, we love AJAX, but come on, there's a heck of a lot of people desperately in need of a good old 1999 technology spike in the arm. The term “Web 2.0” in many ways smacks of just this desperation.

That's why, when I read Galbraith's “The seven deadly sins of Web 2.0”, I felt compelled to share. And having suffered a bit at this one, I think my favorite was #5, “Avoiding tables, when they are the best solution”.

If you're really in a cynical mood (temporarily of course), you could also check out the Web 2.0 Generator, where in a matter of seconds you can generate an entire Web 2.0 Company.

Hey that's not bad. Sadly, they did build their generator with ASP.NET, which is like sooooo not on rails man.

Sun Jumps for Open AJAX

Sun has announced its support of the AJAX application model by joining the OpenAJAX Alliance, as well as the Dojo Foundation. Sun plans to actively participate in these two communities, driving open standards for AJAX programming and increase interoperability across AJAX technologies.

The Greatest Skill of the 21st Century

In an age when technology is everywhere, those who understand how technology works are easy to find. Those who understand how people work are much harder to find.

Open Text to Utilize Oracle Content DB for Enterprise CMS

Oracle and Open Text announce that Open Text, a leader in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space, will offer content management solutions on the Oracle Content Database. The decision extends Open Text's recently launched enterprise solutions framework.

Microsoft CMS, CMS.RAPID Updated

CMS.RAPID is a free of charge solution accelerator for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS) and is a product of collaboration between Microsoft UK, Artemis Corporation and 30 RAPID partners, all Microsoft portal specialists, from all over the World.

Web Navigation is About Moving Forward

The primary purpose of web navigation is to help people to move forward. It is not to tell them where they have been, or where they could have gone.

Heart Surgery for Dummies

One of Amazon's biggest sellers in recent months is Heart Surgery for Dummies. The world is now full of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) heart surgeons.

Websites Reflect True Face of an Organization

A website shows the true face of the organization as never before. A website is increasingly the place where customers get that vital first impression.

SixApart Does Business Blogging

Today the maker of the ever famous blogging software MovableType has annouced a Business Blogging initiative with solutions for a number of organization types and industries. The foundation: either their Movable Type or their hosted TypePad software.

Learn more.

Web CMS for Micro Sites

Web Content Management (Web CMS) vendor Hot Banana Software and Active Marketing Solutions, have announced a new CMS solution - Hot Banana For Agencies - targeted exclusively at online, eMarketing and interactive agencies.

Hot Banana For Agencies is designed to help agencies manage their unique needs for clients who are running multiple marketing campaigns utilizing multiple time-limited, custom Landing Pages or Micro Marketing Sites.

CMS Players in KMWorld Top 100 Companies

KMWorld magazine has published its annual “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” list for 2006. Published since 2000, KMWorld's list is compiled through discussions with colleagues, KM practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers, and recognizes companies that have lead the way in knowledge management. We've compiled the Web CMS and Enterprise CMS vendors who found their way into the ranks this time around.

Google Does Web CMS (finally)

Oh my Googleness, they've done us in now. Call it CMS colored glasses, but we can't help but describe the new Google Page Creator as Google's less than subtle entry to small business Web CMS.

Sure you can argue that long predates. No doubt about it. That's true. But here we have Pages, not Posts. And as members of the CM Pros community, we are downright obliged to state that dem ain't the same things.

Open Source CMS Comparative Review

Seth Gottlieb, Content Management Practice Lead of Optaros, recently published a white paper comparing 15 open source CMS offerings.

The stated goal was primarily to assess the utility of the resources (books, online documentation, and community/forum support) for a given CMS offering, but each assessment also contains a quick overview of the product and describes its basic use and a few architectural details. Seth puts the onus back on the consumer for the assessment of system fitness, stating quite reasonably that this depends greatly on the project requirements.

For those of you in the midst of a very time consuming CMS product assessment exercise, this report is worth getting your hands on.

Content Management Problems and Open Source Solutions

Quantum Art Leaps

Quantum Art, a San Francisco-based Content Management and Web Publishing vendor announces strong growth through 2005 with record profitability. As the company continued seeing greater demand for its content application server QP7.Framework, and new on-demand offering QP7.Subscribe, Quantum Art tripled its revenues and improved margins.

Customer Focus: Getting to Truly Know Your Customers

Asking people directly what they think can confuse them and lead them to make poor choices. Giving them too much choice makes them choose less, and regret the choices they make.

Kentio Web CMS Supports .NET 2.0

The latest release of the Kentico Web CMS now supports both ASP.NET 1.1 and the emerging Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 platform, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

The platform options support both developer preferences and migration status as well as the potential to take advantage of Microsoft's free Express Editions of Visual Web Developer and SQL Server 2005.

Getting Started with SharePoint WebParts (again)

MSDNWe previously posted a tip sheet on Getting Started with SharePoint WebParts. Kindly supporting us in these endeavors, our dear friends over at MSDN have published a chapter from the book Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out.