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IXIASOFTIXIASOFT, a producer of native XML databases and search engines, has announced the availability of TEXTML Server 3.6. This latest release targets organizations who requiring enterprise scalability, enabling efficient management, search, and sort for extremely large document databases.

Mozilla Launches Online Developer Center

FirefoxMozilla Corp., the developer of the Firefox Web browser, has announced the public beta of the Mozilla Developer Center (MDC).

MDC provides comprehensive resources for building Web sites and Web applications for all Web browsers. The site also features technical information for developers who are targeting support for the upcoming release of Firefox 1.5 as well as resources for developing Firefox-specific Extensions and plug-ins.

Day Launches JSR-170 CMS Repository Connectors

Day Software a provider of content management and content infrastructure software, has announced that the company is launching a series of standardized connectors for leading legacy repositories.

The repository connectors are fully compliant with the Content Repository for Java Technology API standard (JSR170). The first of these groundbreaking interfaces to be delivered is for EMC Documentum.

Kentico Revs Web CMS, Adds Web Forms Support

Kentico Software, a Czech Web Content Management (Web CMS) software vendor, has updated their Kentico ASP.NET CMS product to v1.7, adding Web Forms and Staging capabilities. The new version allows business users to create, publish, and generate reports from on-line forms without any programming.

University Websites Come of Age

University websites have matured significantly over the last 2-3 years. There are fewer pictures of buildings and smiling faces, and greater focus on helping students decide why they should enroll.

emagiC Retools Web CMS for .NET

Emagine launches the first version of emagiC Web CMS based on .NET technology. The new release expands Emagine's CMS product range. emagiC CMS.Net is designed and developed for version 2.0 of the .NET framework.

Magnolia 2.1 Java Web CMS Released

Magnolia Organization has released Magnolia v2.1, a major update to the Magnolia Content Management System (CMS). Magnolia 2.1 provides a host of new features and turns the JSR-170 based content management system into an Enterprise Suite.

Why Web Managers are Leaders

The Web requires leadership if it is to achieve its full potential. That leadership will rarely be given by senior management. So that means it's up to you.

Transparent, Distributed File Synchronization

One product helped nearly to “market” by Google's recent Summer of Code is James Anderson's open-source Tsync. Tsync keeps a set of files consistent across many machines, even if those devices involve differing degrees of connectivity and availability. “It does so while requiring minimal effort from the user,” says Anderson. “At the same time it maintains security, robustness to failure, and fast performance.” If you're managing clusters of web content delivery servers, this might just be the thing for you (once its production).

Sun and Fatwire Offer Free Web CMS for Sun Portals

Sun Microsystems and FatWire Software, a provider of Web Content Management solutions, have announced an agreement to offer unlimited use licenses of FatWire Spark Portal Content Management (pCM) to new and existing Sun Java System Portal Server customers, including Sun Java Enterprise System (Java ES) and Sun Java Application Platform Suite subscribers, at no additional charge.

Microsoft Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference (PDC 2005) is in full swing. There's more news than a body can keep up with, but this is one piece that the CMSWire audience is surely tuned to.

Microsoft has been quiet about MCMS vNext for some time. News has trickled out via blogs and tech conferences, we're aware of Office 12, Sharepoint and MCMS merging, SharePoint being the future foundation, etc. But now we have some more complete info and (finally) straight from the horse's mouth.

Its Billy's turn to put on the mantle of Enterprise Content Management.

EPiServer .NET CMS Adds Skype Integration

Swedish Web CMS vendor, ElektroPost, today announced the addition of a Skype-based visitor interaction module for their popular Web Content Management product. The new module, the EPiServer Webchat will be sold as an add-on base content management system.

Sitellite PHP Web CMS Adds Blogging

Blogging, yes a popular item these days, was previously available from Sitellite producer Simian Systems, but you might of had to pester the right people in the right mood, etc.

As of yesterday blogging has been added as an off the shelf feature of the Sitellite v4.2 Pro version.

Metrics that Make the Case for Quality Content

The essential business case of a website is self-service. To maximize value from self-service, you want a limited menu, a fast transaction and a significant volume of people.

Web CMS and Web Marketing

Canadian Web CMS vendor Hot Banana separates themselves from the sizable CMS vendor pack with a unique focus on web marketing campaign management, marketing and SEO tools, and advanced analytics integration.

The company recently announced the latest release of the Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite. Version 5.3 adds notable features to both the Web CMS engine and the Web Marketing engine.

Movable Type 3.2 Hits the Street

Movable Type 3.2Movable Type 3.2 is out the gate and the reception has been favorable. MT software maker Six Apart announced the forthcoming update a few days ago at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco.

Highlights include simplified install and config, much improved spam controls, new administrative tools, and some liberalization of the licensing model.

Magnolia Revs Java Open Source CMS

Ok, its not quite out the door, but we're close. Release candidate number four (RC4) of Magnolia CMS Suite v2.1 has been announced by the Basel, Switzerland-based Magnolia Organization.

This update contains a number of new features including: native search, XML-based import/export, new cross-browser rich-text editor choices, and drop-in single container deployment.

Miro Creates Mambo Open Source CMS Foundation

Mambo FoundationMiro International has launched Mambo Foundation, Inc., an independent non-profit association created to grow, support and promote the award-winning Mambo web content management system (CMS) to its growing community.

The Mambo community is currently estimated to be over five million users worldwide. Mambo CMS Server is currently in release 4.5 and is licensed under the GNU General Public license (GNU GPL).

Key Benefits of a Single Intranet or Public Website

A single website is more connected and credible. It is more consistent and cost effective. It is easier to manage and measure.

IBM Enterprise CMS Conference

If the idea of ECM and compliance lectures in Orlando followed by mai tai's with Mickey gets you going, then this is the conference for you.

For a measly US $1,550, you too can geek out at the IBM Enterprise Content Management tech conference. Its being held the 12th to the 15th of this coming September in Orlando, Florida.