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Web Content Management System (CMS) News & Articles

How to Deploy SharePoint WebParts

There are several ways to skin the Webparts deployment cat, each with a few pluses and minuses. Thanks to Mark Harrison we have have a quick and pragmatic list of the options, complete with instructions.

Ektron CMS400 and .NET Web Services

Microsoft .NET ConnectedEktron, a Web CMS and Document Management provider, has attained .NET Connected designation from Microsoft for their Ektron CMS400.NET .NET Web Content Management Product.

The Microsoft .NET Connected recognition acknowledges software solutions that demonstrate a significant level of Web Services interoperability and are built upon Microsoft technologies.

CMS400.NET is among the first Web CMS systems to earn Web-services-enabled distinction via the Microsoft review process.

SiteGalore Hosted Web CMS Wins Editor's Choice

Editor's ChoiceAfter an assessment of inputs from independent panels, buyer's guide, reader reviews, industry feedback, opinions of web hosting providers, customer response, chat groups, user forums, etc., the Web Host Magazine & Buyerís Guide has awarded its July Editorís Choice Award to Akminís SiteGalore for its versatility and ruggedness.

Sitellite 4.2 PHP Content Management System Released

Simian Systems today announced the release of Sitellite 4.2, the latest version of their content management solution. Sitellite 4.2 is a leap forward in terms of ease-of-use and flexibility in a small-to-mid-range content management system, offering features usually found only in the very high-end systems.

Alfresco Introduces Java Open Source CMS and Content Repository

Alfresco, a provider of open source enterprise content management software, today announced the immediate availability of a technology preview of the Alfresco open source content repository and portal integrations.

Alfresco includes an enterprise-scale content repository, JSR-168 portlets for managing and using content, and a Common Internet File System (CIFS) interface that provides Microsoft Windows file system compatibility.

Alfresco developed the system using the latest Java technologies, including JBoss Application Server 4.0, JBoss Portal 2.0, Spring 1.2, Hibernate 3.0, MyFaces 1.0, Lucene 1.4 and Java 1.5.

ECM - Hummingbird to Acquire CMS Vendor RedDot

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, has announced the acquisition of RedDot Solutions AG, a privately held provider of Content Management (CMS) software, headquartered in Oldenburg Germany and New York.

With over 1,300 clients globally, RedDot Solutions is recognized as a leading CMS solutions vendor for mid-size enterprises.

The Two Fundamental Skills of Web Writing

Writing for how people search and writing quality links are the two fundamental skills of web writing. Think carefully about search behavior and make sure your links are always clear and logical.

Getting all Asynchronous Like

Asynchronous JavaScript+XML (AJAX) is cool. Ok, yes I'm a dork, but this whole light client web interface thing has deprived us of rich interfaces for many years. Naturally then, asynchronous interactions with web pages, well, are liable to generate a bit of excitement.

If you're of the same mindset and don't dig Flash, then tune into CPAINT.

On the Road to XHTML 2 and HTML 5

Web CMS vendors, web developers, and web UI component developers will likely be getting some exciting new extensions with the proposed changes in HTML 5. Think <datagrid>, <canvas>, and a richer set of native HTML form widgets.

XHMLT 2.0 should lead to greater device independence, simpler and more generic XML, less presentation, more structure, more semantics.

The Ajaxian blog has some interesting coverage, links to current proposals, and links to recent talks and presentations. Ping Service Acquired by Yahoo is one of the most popular blog update pinging services, having been a default service in Movable Type and TypePad for years.

Yesterday creator Jim Winstead announced that was sold to Yahoo. Jim states that the service will continue to be “completely open” and that the existing privacy policy will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

QP7.1 Web CMS Supports Firefox

Quantum Artís 7.1 release of its QP7.Framework features support of Mozilla Firefox browser and enhanced compatibility with Microsoft .NET platform.

Prior to this release, the QP7 administrative interfaces were only accessible via Internet Explorer on a Windows platform. With the release of QP7.1, both Firefox and Explorer users are able to access the interface with the same feature set. Full support of the Firefox browser similarly opens the admin and editing tools for Mac users.

Stellent Wins Best in Show Enterprise CMS Suite

Stellent, having fared well as the recent AIIM 2005 Conference, announces that a panel of experts named Stellent Universal Content Management the best enterprise content management (ECM) suite.

This marks the second consecutive year Stellent won this award from AIIM E-DOC Magazine.

Web CMS Winners and Losers

The explosion of company Web sites as a primary means of delivering content and interacting with customers, partners, and employees has caused an increase in demand for Web content management (Web CMS), technology that can not only streamline Web content production and publishing processes, but also provide personalization to users across multiple sites.

A recent Forrester Research survey showed that 84 percent of enterprises plan to increase their WCM deployments to consolidate rogue sites and departmental intranets.

Why it Matters to Focus on Your Reader

There are those who see websites as acts of creation separate from the people who will visit those websites. There are those who see people and create websites to meet these people's needs.

Percussion Wins AIIM Web CMS Award

Percussion Rhythmyx FastForward for WCM has won “Best of Show” in the Web Content Management Category at the AIIM ON DEMAND conference in Philadelphia.

Winners of the third annual awards, sponsored by AIIM E-DOC Magazine, were chosen by panel of industry experts who identified the best products at the show in seven software and three hardware categories.

CMS Review - Quantum Art QP7

New York-based Quantum Art produces the QP7 content application server. QP7 is geared towards web content management, but aims to break away from the page-based metaphor and provide a framework for developing content centric web applications utilizing QP7 content objects.

Make Sure Your Website is Well Perceived by Staff

Many intranets are only now beginning to show their true potential. However, many staff, having had unsatisfactory previous experiences of the Intranet, may need quite some convincing that the Intranet is now genuinely useful.

Microsoft CMS Web Controls Suite Updated

Our ever impressive ASP.NET controls vendor, Telerik, has recently released the latest version of the r.a.d.controls MCMS Edition.

The suite of ASP.NET Server Controls includes the popular r.a.d.editor MCMS Premium Edition, the the MCMS Edition , the r.a.d.tree MCMS Edition, the r.a.d.panelbar MCMS Edition, the r.a.d.tabstrip MCMS Edition, the r.a.d.chart MCMS Edition, and .a.d.tabstrip MCMS Edition. Phew.

As if that's not enough, there's also the FREE r.a.d.editor Lite Edition for MCMS.

Boring Web Content Got You Down?

Is your web content ineffective? Do you have too much dreary filler and not enough concise, action oriented language? If so, its time to tune-in to web content expert Gerry McGovern.

You might have a travel, educational or banking website. You might have a technology, medical or ecommerce website. Whatever website you're involved with, chances are its success is linked closely to the quality of the content.

Gerry McGovern and are holding 3 web content workshops in June:

  • New York: June 13-14

  • Chicago: June 16-17

  • San Francisco: June 20-21

Find out more.

UK Government in Search of CMS

UK Government departments have begun sourcing the new 'e-Communications Infrastructure' for public sector websites that will replace DotP, the Government's short-lived £35 million ($64m) bespoke content management system (CMS).

Whereas DotP was custom-written specifically for government use, the e-Communications Infrastructure will be based on a Commercial Off-The-Shelf solution.

Find out more at eGov Monitor.