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Web Content Management System (CMS) News & Articles

Asia's Content Management (CMS) Market Growth

The latest research on the Content Management Systems (CMS) software market in Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) indicates that the market, currently valued at US $102.0 million, is expected to grow strongly at a 5-year CAGR of 16.6%, surpassing the US$200 million mark before the end of the decade.

CM Professionals Announces Fall 2005 Events

Content Management Professionals (CM Pros), the international content management community of practice, has announced a series of events scheduled for Fall 2005.

Sitellite PHP Web CMS Review

Since January 2001, Canadian web services company Simian Systems, Inc has marketed their own brand of Web Content Management System called the Sitellite CMS.

Simian recently released the latest version of their Web CMS, the Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System, and CMSWire has had a change to poke under the covers and speak in depth with Simian staff.

Microsoft Releases Free SharePoint Apps

Aiming to both increase SharePoint uptake by business units and strengthen developer skills, Microsoft has release 30 free applications for Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the (kinda) free version of Windows SharePoint Portal.

The free applications include Helpdesk, Time Tracking, Legal Document Workflow, Event Coordination, amongst others.

Ektron Targets Developers, Migrations with CMS 400 .NET

Ektron's CMS400.NET was their first native .NET Web Content Management System (CMS). With much of the purchasing world fragmented into .NET or J2EE and the SMB market slanted towards .NET, this was a wise move, and one that has reaped strong returns for the company.

Recently announced, Ektron's CMS400 now supports ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and ASP as well as ASP.NET for integration, customization, and the presentation layer of websites built upon the product.

New Microsoft CMS Field Guide

Microsoft Content Management Server Field GuideRelatively speaking, there seems to be quite a buzz around Microsoft CMS this month. Maybe I've just side-stepped into the jet stream, with a blog-tuned attention span, it can occasionally get hard to tell.

At any rate, here's another MCMS resource for those running or planning production instances: the Microsoft Content Management Server Field Guide. Its a 232 page paperback and is billed as simple crisis-management instructions for intermediate to advanced-level network administrators who work in the trenches.

MS CMS and MS SharePoint Merging Architectures

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is working on merging the core architectures of the SharePoint Portal and Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) products. The first version of the new architecture is due out with the Office 12 release late next year.

In one of the first public statements on the topic, Chris Capossela, Microsoft's group vice president of Information Worker Product Group, indicated that the future of the two products was around more common technologies and an integration, if not outright convergence.

SharePoint Utility Suite v2.0

The purpose of the SharePoint Utility Suite is to provide a packaged collection of Tools and Utilities showcasing the Object Model that is delivered with the SharePoint Product and Technologies SDK (which includes Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003). This package includes code and tool examples that SharePoint Developers and SharePoint Administrators might find useful.

Have You Got Too Many Websites?

Too many websites are nearly always a bad idea. Getting your customer to remember one web address is more than enough of a challenge.

CMS.Rapid for Microsoft CMS Updated

CMS.RAPID for Microsoft CMSAnnounced today, the v1.1 release of CMS.RAPID hits the Internets, touting some impressive new features and a much improved SharePoint Portal integration story.

CMS.RAPID enhances the core functionality of the Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) and provides a framework that enables web application and content management extensibility.

Sun to Resell Interwoven ECM Products

Interwoven ECMSun Microsystems is beefing-up its partnership with Interwoven, agreeing to resell Interwoven's Java-based Enterprise Content Management(ECM) products.

Sun will target deals that include their Java Enterprise System software, Sun Fire enterprise servers, and StorEdge data storage offerings.

Hardcore Revs Web CMS, Adds Stats

HardCore Internet has released v5.6 of the HardCore Web Content Management (Web CMS) system. The main focus of the new version was the addition of website metrics capabilities.

Belus Updates XStandard WYSIWYG Editor

Belus Technology has announced version 1.6 of XStandard, a leading standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor for Windows desktop and browser-based content management systems. XStandard supports a broad range of browsers, including IE, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape.

Interwoven Enterprise CMS Conference in London

Interwoven ECMInterwoven, a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, today announced that it will host Interwoven GearUp '05 Europe 'The ECM Solutions Conference' at the Riverbank Park Plaza hotel in London, October 19-20, 2005. This follows on the heels of the recent GearUp '05 U.S. event.

Interwoven GearUp Europe will bring together leading European customers, partners and ECM industry experts for two days of educational and interactive sessions on ECM products, solutions, and best practices specifically relating to the European market.

Midgard Updates Open Source Web CMS

Midgard Open Source Web CMSThe Midgard Project has released the second release candidate for the Midgard Open Source Web Content Management (CMS) Framework.

Midgard provides a carrier-grade CMS framework build for the the Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) platform. Midgard's core features include internationalization, accessibility, scalability and PHP connectivity.

Version 1.7 rc2 is available from the Midgard website. This development release includes a Midgard2 technology preview.

Liberty PHP Open Source CMS Released announces the release of a cooperatively developed, open source Web CMS that offers a suite of services in a modular design.

The Liberty Web CMS is built upon the PHP open source Bitweaver application framework.

What's Happening with Enterprise Search

The typical enterprise “inherits” a new search facility with each new major information systems implementation. It has become clear that no “one size fits all” solution is readily found.

CMS Watch, a buy-side technology analyst firm, has recently released the 500-page Enterprise Search Report covering technologies and trends including SAP's TREX, Microsoft's Search positioning, the website search market, and the challenge of competing with Google.

Microsoft CMS Workflow

Workflow.NETMicrosoft CMS' workflow features are hardwired in the off the shelf product. This works alright for organizations with a simple publishing process, but can become a touch troublesome when there are more complex requirements.

Skelta, a Bangalore-based BPM software company, has answered to this need with their Workflow.NET product.

New Microsoft CMS (MCMS) Book On the Way

Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server DevelopmentPackt Publishing hit a home run with the last Microsoft CMS (MCMS) book, Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server. The same team of star authors is now working on the next one, entitled Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development.

How to Deploy SharePoint WebParts

There are several ways to skin the Webparts deployment cat, each with a few pluses and minuses. Thanks to Mark Harrison we have have a quick and pragmatic list of the options, complete with instructions.