Author-It In October 2007, New Zealand’s Author-it Software released version 5.0 of their Author-it component content management system. Less than a year later, they have released Author-it 5.1, concentrating on making content components easier to manage and publish. New functionality includes Object Variant capability and a Quick Search function, which makes it possible for Author-it 5.1 to offer increased versatility, while retaining all of the functionality of 5.0. Object Variants are an extension of the Author-it model and let content components like text, graphics, links or formatting to have any number of variations created for them based on user-defined criteria. Authors can create as many variations as needed and manage them together as a single component. 36453.gif

Quick Search keeps search results at the ready, so that users can access previous results without having to enter the query again and again. 36454.gif

Other new features include: * Batch Import File Objects: Users can batch import images and quickly create file objects by drag and drop. * Preview Pane Position setting: Users can set the preview pane to display at the right or the bottom of the main window. * Quick Access Toolbar: Users can navigate between folders recently accessed and open the Quick Search window. * Topic Reference Tags Included in XHTML: Users can insert object reference tags in the content to indicate where topic content starts and ends. These tags can then be referenced with Author-it XML through a post publishing process to add customized functionality. * Publishing Profile Action to Create Book XML: Users have the option for the books to be published to Author-it XML. The published XML file is included in the publishing folder along with the original published job. * Publishing Profile Action to Execute Word Macro: Users can execute various word macros before or after publishing. The Word Macro action provides additional flexibility as you can use a single word publishing template with multiple macros. Use different publishing profiles to only call the relevant macro(s) for that deliverable. Overall, the 5.1 release signifies a focus on simplifying the "inherent difficulties associated with delivering content targeted for different purposes and audiences." Based on feedback received from Beta users, 5.1 is meant to enhance Author-it's self-ascribed "simple, powerful, and effective means of creating, managing, and publishing". Still only available for Windows Servers and Windows-based PCs, Author-it 5 clients (with pre-existing maintenance agreements) will receive an automatic upgrade to Author-it 5.1. All others can obtained the release directly through the Author-it Web site or by calling toll-free (800) 754-0377.