dotCMS Enterprise Level Web Content Management Solution The J2EE/Java-based dotCMS content management system has recently been upgraded to version 1.6.5, which brings plenty of new goodies for those wanting a free and open source content management solution capable of handling enterprise-level tasks.When it comes to enterprise-level content management, most users could expect to pay a hefty price, but dotCMS is taking drastic steps to change that train of thought. It offers plenty of features that are suitable for even the most complex situations in content management. The latest release of dotCMS continues the journey in providing enterprise open source content management. dotCMS Enterprise Level Web Content Management Solution
The dotCMS calendaring interface

New Features

The latest version of dotCMS brings new improvements and functionality to the table: * Performance: Several improvements to dotCMS's core will improve performance. Database loading, caching, start-up times and synchronization have all been improved. * Widgets: The addition of widgets will allow new, interactive functionality that can be maintained throughout a Web site. Content can be mashed up and displayed. Widgets like Google Maps, video players, RSS feeds, photo galleries and more are included by default. * Enterprise Readiness: Users involved in enterprise operations can deploy dotCMS on JBoss App servers and utilizes JBoss caching. Also, dotCMS can be built as a .war file for rapid deployment. * User Interface: New features like inline editing and widget control ultimately result in a simplified and efficient interface for users. * Maintenance: When dotCMS needs the nuts and bolts tightened, enhancements to maintenance tasks will help make the process easier than ever. By utilizing a single .jar file, patches can be widely distributed and deployed. Other improvements include the ability to export PDF files, create Web forms, integrate CAS single sign-on and edit with TinyMCE WYSIWYG 3.1. If that doesn't sound good enough, over 200 bugs were squashed in this version as well. To download dotCMS 1.6.5 or learn more about the dotCMS package, visit their Web site.