SilverStripe 2.2.3 Released Web Content Management System Packt Publishing Award Winner 2008 SilverStripe, an open source PHP-based Web content management system, has recently released a new version of their Web CMS to fix a few critical security issues. It is strongly advised that all users upgrade SilverStripe to version 2.2.3. While the team cleans up version 2.2, the release of SilverStripe 2.3 is quickly approaching. SilverStripe is going to be showing off features of the latest release at a pre-release event on November 17, 2008.The recent Packt Publishing's 2008 award winner for the "Most Promising Open Source Content Management System" is making headway as it continues to crush bugs and make strides in the content management arena. The development team recently released a patch and urges all users to upgrade immediately, as clearly stated on SilverStripe's blog: "This release of SilverStripe fixes an issue that came to the attention of the SilverStripe development team earlier today. It could potentially let malicious users bypass the CMS security. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you upgrade all of your sites." SilverStripe 2.2.3 Released Web Content Management System Packt Publishing Award Winner 2008
A look at SilverStripe 2.2

In addition to fixing the security hole, there are many other bug fixes and minor improvements to SilverStripe 2.2. The full list of changes in version 2.2.3 shows a number of other changes to the Web CMS. All this comes as SilverStripe is getting prepared for version 2.3. The latest release will surely add new improvements and functionality that will celebrate its recent award for the most promising content management system. Sigurd Magnusson, co-founder and CMO of SilverStripe, announced with a comment on SilverStripe's blog that SilverStripe 2.3 will possibly have a release candidate in November where users can download and report any bugs of the newest release. Perhaps December will mark the month when SilverStripe will release its newest version. Until then, be sure to give SilverStripe 2.2.3 a whirl. We will keep everyone posted.