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Latest Web Development News & Articles

Google Refine Cleans Messy Data Sets

Google Refine is another open source project from Google that deserves attention — quite a lot of it. This is a great tool for cleaning messy data sets and for performing advanced operations on your data, such as transformation from one format to another or data augmentation.

Facebook Applications Made Easy with Heroku

Facebook Applications Made Easy with HerokuIf you're in the market for something to ease the process of building Facebook apps, a new Facebook App Package from Heroku may be worth checking out.  

Cloud Analytics to Shed Light on B2B Integration Processes

HubSpan_logo.jpgCloud-based business integration software provider Hubspan has just added new analytics software to its cloud-based integration platform WebSpan. This software, the company says, will provide all kinds of business intelligence from B2B integration processes.

Web Optimization: W3C Takes Semantic Web to Next Level

If you think RDFa and the semantic web is only for geeks, it's time to take a second look. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is advancing the standards for tomorrow's Internet and web content management vendors are getting on-board. The result is going to be a smarter, more findable Web.

Open Source Skills: The Road to Riches?

Everybody who is anybody knows that learning Drupal or PHP or <<insert trendy open source technology here>>, is the gold-plated highway to developer riches. Right?  Well, not exactly. The need for popular open source packages is growing, but in most cases, utilization is still only a fraction of traditional packages.

WebMatrix Beta 2 Integrates with Open Source Package Manager for .NET

WebMatrix Beta 2 Includes Integration with New Open Source Package Manager for .NETLots of new and improved things coming out of Microsoft lately including the second beta of WebMatrix, the 3rd beta of ASP.NET MVC 3 and a brand spanking new open source package manager for .NET.

Design Web Apps for SharePoint, Cloud Without Touching Code

IronSpeed_logo_2010.jpg Everyone is looking for a way to build Web 2.0 applications quickly, without having to deal with the details of code. Iron Speed offers such as solution in their Iron Speed Designer that can build apps for SharePoint 2010, 

Java Getting a Makeover: Roadmap Revealed #oow10

This year’s JavaOne conference — the first to be held under Oracle tutelage — had a lot to prove. Nine million Java programmers worldwide wanted to see a firm roadmap for Java, and they were given one at the event. 

STRATA Updates Media Management Platform for Advertisers

Strata_logo.pngThese days everyone from publishers to freelancers wants an edge up on the competition. Thanks to STRATA, now even advertisers can get in on the action. STRATA, a media buying and selling software provider recently released a major update to its Enterprise Agency Management platform.

Monotype Imaging Makes Thousands of Fonts Available

MonotypeImagingLogo.gifThis week, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., one of the leading text imaging solution providers announced the availability of Web Fonts. Serving as Monotype’s cloud-based solution, provides thousands of high-quality fonts for web designers.

NetBiscuits Offers Mobile Website Creation Tool

netbuscuits_logo_2010.jpgCreate killer mobile sites and apps without the need for programming skills thanks to Netbiscuits' cloud-based, cross-platform development system.

Microsoft IIS Media Services 4 Will Come With Smooth Streaming

Adobe wasn't the only one making news at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam last week. Microsoft also had a few good news items to share, including the upcoming IIS Media Services 4.

Customizing Typography with Google Font Previewer

Want to know how a typeface will look before adding it to your site? Google's new Font Previewer gives you a visual as you tinker with the look and feel of a font, then sits out a block of code for some easy copy and paste action: 

Atlassian Strikes Gold With Accel Investment

atlassian_logo_2010.jpgAtlassian (news, site) bags a US$ 60 million investment to open up wider horizons for the Aussie rags-to-riches bug-busting and collaboration company.

WebMatrix Provides SMBs, Developers a Tool For Easy Website Creation and Deployment

webmatrix_logo_2010.jpgWhether you are a small business or a development shop, Microsoft is providing more ways for you to create websites built on their technology and a number of web content management systems.

Microsoft Offers an Express Edition of the IIS Web Server

The tools for Microsoft web developers are getting better and better these days, we've seen that with the SharePoint 2010 tools for Visual Studio 2010. But Microsoft is now also coming out with a new web server to support all ASP.NET developers: IIS Express.

New Internet Explorer 9 Preview Shows One Future of the Web

ie9_logo_thumb.jpgMicrosoft (news, site) has sneaked out a new preview version of its upcoming Web browser to highlight its vision of the next-gen Internet.

8 Great Tips for Web Product Management

Regardless of whether you're implementing a Web CMS, iterating a web application or building a new web platform from scratch your technical project environment is probably fairly chaotic — most are. Here are 8 management tips for balancing the oft dueling needs of forward progress and longer term software sanity.

Amazon Drops Storage Cost to $0.10 Per Gigabyte

amazon_aws_logo.jpgShould you pay the same amount to store non-critical data as you do to store critical data? Amazon (news, site) today says no. The now books, now cloud computing company has introduced a new — and significantly less expensive — tier to their S3 cloud storage service. 

W3C Releases New Standard for XML Processes


A lot has happened since 1998 when the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published its first standard for XML, the Extensible Markup Language. Soon after, they standardized a few more XML core operations like validation, query, transformation and linking.

This week, 12 years after its first standardization, the W3C announced a spec for managing XML-rich processes such as business processes used in enterprise environments.