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Add a little HTML5 Video Support to Internet Explorer

internet explorer 8The Internet Explorer browser does not currently support HTML 5, Microsoft has already said that support is coming in version 9. But you really don't want to switch browsers just to get a taste of the new order. Christian Adams has a little something that will do just that. But keep in mind, it is little.

Revisiting the 3 Questions for Great Experience Design

2010 is proving to be about user experience. Even in the past few weeks, we have covered the trends and needs associated with improving usability online, from web design to promoting transparency.

With the upcoming MX: Managing Experience conference that will focus on usability and user experience best practices, we'd like like to revisit the three key variables Jared Spool once indicated as being critically important to the field.

Ringing in the New Year with Clean Intellectual Property

In 2008, the open source community saw the year end with a headline catching lawsuit, the Free Software Foundation files suit against Cisco for General Public License (GPL) violations. Not to be outdone, 2009 also ended with a bang.

Best Buy, Samsung, JVC and eleven other consumer electronics companies were named in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed on December 14, 2009, by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) on behalf of the Software Freedom Conservancy. The scope of this lawsuit is unprecedented as it includes fourteen defendants.

Poll Results: Web Analytics Need More Love

Our latest poll showed that while web analytics usage by our readership was strong for a good number of you, more than 65% of respondents have significant work to do.  Here's a review of the results peppered with the opinions and commentary of some experts in the analytics space.

The Essence of a Successful Persona Project

Personas are a flexible and powerful tool for user researchers. They're also one of the most misunderstood. When done well, they ensure the team focuses on the needs and delights of their users.

Visual Studio 2010 RC is Available, along with ASP.NET MVC 2 and a new Azure Toolkit

Visual Studio 2010 RC is AvailableVisual Studio 2010 (news, site) is now out as a Release Candidate and available to everyone to try out. Keep in mind it will still have issues and if you want to do Azure or MVC development, there a few things you need to do.

The Buzz Nightmare: Privacy Issues and Profuse Apologies

Barely a week after its release and Buzz has already – surprise, surprise! – pissed a bunch of people off in a huge way. Apparently Google’s sorry, but it doesn’t look like apologies are going to be enough this time.

Internet Explorer 6 Cutbacks Continue

Internet Explorer 6 Cutbacks Continue

As the day draws nearer for Google Apps to drop Internet Explorer 6 support (March 1), other companies are following suit.

Google's Fiber Network to Offer 1Gb per Second Connections

 So, Google wants to make the Internet faster. 100X faster, to be exact.

Google Releases App Engine SDK v1.3.1

Attention, developers! Google’s kicked out their first SDK release of 2010. Version 1.3.1 comes with a handful of new features, as well as notable improvements to the Datastore.

Create and Access Google Sites with Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script, which just became available to Standard Edition users last week, can now be used to ease the creation of Google Sites pages. 

Amazon S3: New Content Versioning Added to Cloud Storage Service

Amazon S3: New Content Versioning Added to Cloud Storage Service  This week Amazon Simple Storage Service (news, site) scored a new versioning function, allowing users to maintain a history of every file uploaded to the database.

Google to Add Facebook-like Features to Gmail

Yesterday we reported that Facebook was taking a tiny slice of Google’s pie by adding a webmail feature. Today, it looks like Big G is taking that slice back by adding status updates to Gmail.

Facebook to Dominate Webmail with Project Titan?

Facebook to Dominate Webmail with Project Titan? Facebook and Google just can’t stop one-upping each other. Late last month Google took a small slice of Facebook's pie by tossing their Social Search feature into beta, but this week the popular social network took the upper hand with rumors of a fully featured webmail product.

Eclipse Plug ins Help Build Apps for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform

logo-oracle.gif Underlining what it says is its commitment to open source communities and developers, Oracle (news, site) has just announced the release of a new enterprise pack consisting of a number of certified plug-ins that enable developers to build Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

The new Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse supports development with technologies including Database, Java SE, Java EE, Web Services, XML and the Spring Framework, and comes with a new feature called AppXRay, which allows Java developers to work in team settings and reduces run time debugging and code quality.

The bottom line, Oracle says, is that this new pack will provide for shorter, faster release cycles that better keep pace with the underlying open source Eclipse platform, or more simply put — higher quality development in less time.

And the benefits? There are four main ones including:

  • Enables WebLogic developers to combine their expertise in Eclipse with the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • It is enterprise ready and includes capabilities that enable the development, assembly, build, deployment, debugging and testing of Java SE, Java EE, Web Service, ORM and Spring applications.
  • It plugs into your existing Eclipse app, preserving configuration and customization work.
  • Supports multiple platform revisions.

This new enterprise pack is available already, but if you want to find out more you can check out this introductory video, or download it from the Oracle website.


Google Extends Google Apps Script to Standard Edition Users

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Google Apps Script, now you can. Previously only available in Education and Premiere Editions, Google recently opened up the functionality to Standard users.

Quantivo 4 Offers DIY Behavioral Analytics in Real Time

Quantivo 4 Offers DIY Behavioral Analytics in Real Time Wouldn't it be nice if analytics were easier to understand? Quantivo thinks so, and their missing-link type solution – Quantivo 4 – attempts to achieve this by reducing data down to child’s play. 

dotCMS Adds eCommerce Features to Open Source Web CMS

dotCMS Readies to Support CMIS

For dotCMS (news, site), eCommerce + Web CMS seems like a match made in heaven. Reason #1: Everyone wants to do eCommerce nowadays. Reason #2: Java+Java == Eternal love in the marriage of two Java-based software companies: KonaKart (eCommerce vendor) and dotCMS (open source Web CMS provider).

Google Drops Bomb on MS Internet Explorer 6

If you swear allegiance to both Internet Explorer and Google Apps, as of March 1st you may find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament, and frankly speaking, we're rather happy about all this. Google's recent decision will effect apps ranging from GMail to Google Docs. Enterprise folks, pay attention.

Google Social Search Steps into Beta, Challenges Facebook?

Google has challenged popular networks like Facebook and further blurred the line between social networking and search by graduating their Social Search tool to beta for all Google users.