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Twitter's Cooking Up a Free Analytics Dashboard

Twitter's Cooking Up a Free Analytics Dashboard We know it's a lot to ask, but please turn your head away from the new Twitter for just a second because there's more exciting news coming down the pipeline. Ross Hoffman, a member of the Twitter business development team, recently discussed an up and coming free analytics dashboard that will help Twitter users understand how others are interacting with their tweets.

STRATA Updates Media Management Platform for Advertisers

Strata_logo.pngThese days everyone from publishers to freelancers wants an edge up on the competition. Thanks to STRATA, now even advertisers can get in on the action. STRATA, a media buying and selling software provider recently released a major update to its Enterprise Agency Management platform.

The Smart Content Conference: Deriving More Value From Your Info

SClogo7.pngMost of the social networking tools we covet today could be easily replaced tomorrow. While we’d need some time to adapt, our content would continue to flow, despite the medium. Yet, for as much as it flows, it will be smart content that will aide producers, publishers, consumers and content managers reap the greatest return on investment, no matter how that return is defined or measured.

Oracle CRM 18 Adds Social, Marketing & Business Planning Features #oow10

Anthony Lye, the senior vice president of CRM at Oracle, gave a brief 45 minute "chalk talk" with CRM analysts, press and bloggers at Oracle Open World. It was a small and intimate setting with around 30 or so people who were free to ask any questions they wanted about Oracle CRM. Anthony also took 20 minutes to brief the room on exactly what was going on with the CRM side of things at Oracle.

How To: Create a Content Strategy Without User Testing

You might not have time or budget for full user testing. Here are three practical ways to get the info you need, quickly and on the cheap.

Web Engagement: Web Customers Crave Speed, Not Emotional Experiences

Great websites focus on solving top customer tasks. They solve problems as quickly as possible.

From Jive World: Social Business Strategy, Metrics, Marketplace #jive

I had the opportunity to attend my first Jive World conference this year and while I did not get a chance to stay as long as I wanted I did learn a few valuable things about both Jive (newssite) and the current customers.

Open Text Integrates Web Experience Management and Rich Media Management Platforms

Open Text Integrates Its Web Experience Management and Rich Media Management PlatformsOpen Text (newssite) has put together another piece of the enterprise content management integration puzzle. This time it's web experience management and rich media.

IBM's New Customer Experience Suite Mixes Analytics, Social Software and Commerce

IBM_logo_2009.jpgIBM (newssite) is doing more lately than just acquiring companies, with their new IBM Customer Engagement Suite, they are offering you a new way to engage with your customers over the web and through the mobile.

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM 2011 Released in Beta

With the recent announcement that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, generally known as CRM5, has gone into public beta, it might be finally possible to say whether it will provide a robust response to’s (news, site) hold on the CRM market.

Get Satisfaction Raises $6 Mil., Rebrands, Brings on Key Hires

Get Satisfaction draws our attention today with a trio of announcements that can be summed up as rather sunny news for the "people-powered customer service" company. Here's the lowdown.

Microsoft IIS Media Services 4 Will Come With Smooth Streaming

Adobe wasn't the only one making news at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam last week. Microsoft also had a few good news items to share, including the upcoming IIS Media Services 4.

Book Review: Develop an External Web Monitoring Framework

Now that you have the user experience almost nailed down (you think) for your website, it's time to switch your attention ensuring it performs as well as required. Enter the need for an external web monitoring framework.


Web Engagement: On the Web, Sell the Sausage, Not the Sizzle

Traditional marketing and communication techniques are becoming less and less valid on the Web.

Survey: Clicks, Actions & Occupations in Online Advertising

Bizo_logo.pngA new study reveals that understanding your website’s demographic could reap big rewards for your online advertisements. Bizo, an online advertising targeting firm surveyed over 80 million business professionals between January and July 2010. What they found is not only interesting, it also provides context for better understanding your current results and how they might be improved.

A Week in Google: Instant Killed the SEO Star, Google TV Due in Fall

Another week of our Google lives has flown by, leaving a trail of both promise and doubt. That is, the flashy new Google Instant threatens to kill everything we've come to know about search engine optimization, but at least we have Google TV. 

Google Instant, and What it Means for SEO

Yesterday the Internets welcomed Google Instant, a new search feature with streaming Web results that appear as you type your query. Reactions have been mixed, especially from within the SEO pool.  

Content Strategy: Use Your Words to Attract Readers

In 2007, Gerry McGovern, our resident sage advisor, wrote that web design is the design of words. Three years later, he is still as accurate as ever. In that time, many new media have come and gone, but through it all, the website still remains a primary platform for engaging customers, readers and everyone in between.

Content Strategy: 5 Ways to Communicate Strategy Across Your Organization

In last week’s article, Content Strategy: 7 Practical Tips for Getting Stakeholder Buy In, we talked about how to get stakeholders to buy-in to your new content strategy. A critical step in implementing a content strategy is achieving this consensus. The next challenge is making sure that all of your stakeholders understand and keep up-to-date with your content strategy.

Web Optimization: When Search Results Mislead

Large numbers of visitors for a particular search term is not in itself a positive thing. We always have to ask the question why?