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Latest Web Engagement News & Articles

Social CRM Needs Guidance Not Gurus

The world of Social CRM is starting to get more and more involved with trying to change how an entire organization functions and operates. However, from the client standpoint they want something they can get started with today and evolve over time. Are we making things too complicated for clients by telling them they need to change everything about how to do business?

Content Strategy: Harness Emotion, Authenticity with Your Words

The history of advertising has relied on capturing the emotions of potential customers. Whether it’s tugging at heart stings or pushing buttons, there’s no denying the power of words to persuade consumers into buying, donating or otherwise making a commitment to a brand.

Alterian Buys Intrepid, Adds Social Media Analytics Consulting

alterian_logo_2010.jpg  If your company is one of many who think their brand might benefit from social media and social media analytics but don’t really know how to implement it into your marketing campaign, the just-announced acquisition of Intrepid Consulting by Alterian (news, site) is aimed at you.

What Does a Social CRM Process Look Like?

Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM or SCRM) can mean many things to many people and organizations. This post explores visually what a Social CRM process for organization can look like.

2010 Web CMS Trends from Industry Analysts

Following up on the recent revelation of the latest web content management 2010 Magic Quadrant from Gartner, let's take a look at what the analysts see as Web CMS market trends in 2010, starting off with the magical inclusion of "online experience” as a big must-have.

Web Engagement: The New Marketer and Communicator

The Web is radically changing how we as marketers and communicators need to do our job. We need to change our mindset from organization-centric to customer-centric.

Webtrends Offers New Ways to Maximize Facebook Ads

wWebtrends Offers New Ways to Maximize Facebook Ads Webtrends (news, site) turned a lot of heads when their acquisition of Transpond hinted at the future of social media marketing, but today's release of Webtrends Ads solidifies suspicions and ads bid optimization to the mix. 

Granicus Acquires, Supports Government Transparency

granicus_logo_2010.jpgGranicus (news, site) boosts its presence in the governmental cloud with the snappy purchase of a company that shares its vision of open government.

Web CMS Market Predicted to Hit $1 Billion in 2010

It's that time again. The who's who of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) — in the form of Challengers, Leaders, Niche Players and Visionaries —  is the buzz du jour and so are some interesting sector revenue numbers. The market predictions are rosy as is the focus on Web Engagement Management (WEM). Let's have a look.

Is Your Social Media Project Failing? Maybe it's Your Strategy

Gartner predicted that over 50% of online communities created for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) purposes would fail in 2010 alone. Why? Because clearly defined values were not established at the onset of a social strategy for both the customer and the company. A new study helps us understand why social media project failures occur.

The Importance of Social Media in B2B Marketing

It's obvious that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have a certain level of staying power when it comes to the world of business to consumer (B2C) marketing, but what about business to business marketing? Some recent findings about the latter may surprise you. 

Web Engagement: The Problems with FAQs

Links are signposts. They are promises to the customer. They must tell customers where they are going and what they will get when they get there.

Alterian Takes Web Engagement to the Cloud


In the latest news from Alterian (newssite), there's not one, but two buzzwords: Web Engagement Management (WEM) and cloud.

Open Source Web CMS Maker Squiz Makes a Move to Web Engagement


You might recall that in our Open Source Alert at the end of July we mentioned that Squiz (news, site)  said it was working on something top secret.

The secret is out. Squiz is joining the Web Engagement Management (WEM) bandwagon. 

Content Strategy: 7 Practical Tips for Getting Stakeholder Buy In

Content Strategy (CS) as a topic has gained significant recognition and momentum, but that doesn't mean all stakeholders get it, nor that they will buy-in to your CS-driven priorities. Here are 7 road-tested tips on how to make that happen more successfully.

Experts Compete for Social Media Marketing Stardom


Here's something fun: SAP's first ever virtual reality show. An agency called Page One officially launched an interactive campaign for SAP (news, site), showcasing the power of Web engagement, social media marketing, and what happens when experts put their dukes up. 

Ektron Taps into Facebook Data with Social Targeting Software


Do you know how much data is out there on Facebook? Lots. Marketeers want that data, they want to know your likes, dislikes, interests and all the personal profile information that can help them engage you, deliver personalized content and sell more.

Ektron's (news,site) new Social Targeting software is trying do just that.

Demandbase Expands Real-Time Business ID Service with Personalization


In May, Demandbase (news, site) launched a new platform called Real-Time ID Service, which aimed to identify business web traffic, in real time.

Today, they have announced that its Real-Time Identification service has been expanded to deliver personalized and more engaging user experiences for their customers.

Web Management's Biggest Issue: Confusing Menus and Links

No other single factor causes greater customer frustration and dissatisfaction than confusing menus and links.

IBM Buys Unica, Adds Predictive Analytics for Marketing

IBM_logo_2009.jpg Only days after IBM announced the acquisition of document capture vendor Datacap, Big Blue has snatched Unica (news, site) — a marketing management developer that automates, manages and accelerates core business processes across marketing channels.