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What's the Right Level of Marketing Engagement on Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, conversational marketing is a hot topic, but for how long? What's its staying power? Depending on who you ask, we're either under-utilizing our options, or we need to zip it. 

Top 3 Usability Tips for Building Better Blogs, Maximizing Engagement

In 2005, Jakob Nielsen shared what he considered to be the top 10 design mistakes of what was once called the ‘weblog.’ Strikingly, five years later, most (if not all) of them still remain true in the world of the engaged web.

Optimize Your Website: Usability Tests to Increase Value, Decrease Costs

If ‘Always be Testing” isn’t a mantra of yours, you could be missing out on customers and valuable feedback. Yet, even if you can’t employ comprehensive usability testing, there are many ways that you optimize your website for success.

Content Strategy: The Appeal of Curating Online News

When we last debated content v. context, the word curation came up. For some it was an inaccurate term, best reserved for art historians and museum directors than online web strategists. Yet, it’s not surprising that many content curators can be found among the news industry.

Webtrends Targets the Future of Social Marketing

Webtrends Targets the Future of Social Marketing Webtrends (news, site) finalized the acquisition of an application development platform called Transpond this morning. Does this mean a step up for social media marketing? We think so. 

CRM Evolution: The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management

This past week I had the privilege of attending CRM Evolution hosted by CRM Magazine. Here are my thoughts on the event as well as key takeaways and vendors that I thought were interesting. I highly recommend that anyone reading this put CRM Evolution on their calendar of events for 2011.

Aberdeen Report Details the Next Generation of Web CMS

As CMSWire readers know, typical online buyers use a number of different channels to research and make purchase decisions.  Consequently organizations need to find ways to intelligently engage with their customers across channels and in a personalized manner.

According to an Aberdeen's Report (download the PDF), the top two digital channels used to reach customers are the website (60%) and email (47%). Therefore, it would seem that the key to success online is for you to prioritize the delivery of smart content via these two channels. Easier said than done.

With so many different technologies available to provide pieces of this multi-channel puzzle, integration issues are a top concern. As a result, there is increasing pressure to use a web content management system that encompasses much of the needed capabilities. 

According to Aberdeen, the next generation of web content management systems (WCM) need to support the marketer by providing actionable insights that can drive more online engagement. To do this, capabilities such as lead scoring, web analytics, customer relationship management and email marketing need to be tightly integrated into the Web CMS platform.

Combine lead scoring with dynamic content and profiling and you have a platform that can support the online engagement required to reach your customers and make them buy your products and services.

If you want to understand more about the technology challenges facing marketers today and how the next generation of web content management system can resolve some of these challenges, check out the Aberdeen Group's report (hosted by Sitecore) entitled Next Generation WCM: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges and The Future of WCM.

Perspectives: What the Adobe + Day Software Deal Means, Part 2

A flurry of reactions, speculations and pontifications later, we're having a second look at the Adobe + Day deal (Part 1 is here) and it's impact on the industry.

Key Ingredients for Content Strategy: Audience, Content...and Engagement?

While the content vs. context debate rages on, the issue of content strategy remains. Many of the comments on our previous post reminded us that context can’t exist without content. Today, we will talk about content strategy recipes and key ingredients.

WEM: Using Online Video to Promote Web Engagement in eCommerce

Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Web Engagement Management (WEMare interlinked. Online video can be one of the most powerful tools (if used wisely), and online retailers have no good reason not to incorporate online video to help engage and persuade customers.

FatWire's H1 2010 Revenue Jumps 78 Percent, Thanks WEM

FatWire's H1 2010 Revenue Jumps 78 Percent, Thanks WEMIf FatWire’s (news, site) H1 numbers are any indication of Web Engagement's staying power, then we’d say the fans have nothing to worry about. Thanks to strong product delivery, new customers and a strategic partnership, the company reported an exceptional first half of 2010.  

Week in Review: REST in Peace, WCM. Auf Wiedersehen, WEM. Hello, CEM

…Touch me
Take me to that other place
Reach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case…

(Soundtrack for this weekly wrap-up: U2 - Beautiful Day)

Did you think Web Engagement Management (WEM) was the next big thing in Web Content Management? This past week might've proved we're moving well beyond WEM, when Adobe bid adieu to Day's independence days with the announcement of a planned acquisition.

It's time to say "Good Day!" to sir CEM - Customer Experience Management (Oh, don't roll your eyes at the yet another acronym). Adobe wants to buy Day partially for that — next generation content management and multi-channel customer experience management. Stay tuned, we'll tell you more about #adobeday in the days to come.

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Google's Geo-Targeted Ads Open Doors for Marketers

Yesterday Google announced their new location-aware display ads for mobile devices. The addition is hot on the heels of Google's Places app (a Yelp competitor, also for mobile) and together these two solutions are poised to provide some serious leeway for marketers with on on-the-go consumers in mind. 

Women on the Web - Too Many to Ignore


For as long as there has been an Internet, men and women have used it differently. A recent ComScore report Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet revisits the changing and evolving behaviors of how women are using and engaging with the web.

The Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications

In March MindTouch (newssite) announced their list for the most powerful voices in open source. Today, they bring us a new list: the most influential bloggers in technical communications

Perspectives: What the Adobe + Day Software Deal Means, Part 1

Any acquisition (and there have been quite a few of them lately) in the content management industry usually makes a splash. Today, it was Day's day to stir up the media, analysts, bloggers, twitterati and industry watchers; provoking pontifications around the announced US$ 240 mil. acquisition by Adobe.

Here’s the first look at what the industry was buzzing about and what some of the possible implications of the deal might be — for Day, for Adobe, for the market.

Web CMS: Adobe Buys Day Software for US$ 240 Million

Day SoftwareFollowing Adobe's enormous acquisition of Omniture, in a deal roughly one-eighth the size, the company has snatched-up Switzerland-based Day Software, a well known (to us) maker of Java-based content repositories and enterprise-focused Web Content Management software, via an all-cash bid of about US$ 240 million.

WEM: Three Important Benefits of Personas

Next time you have a chance to watch someone reading a map, look for the first thing they do. They'll likely do the exact same thing everyone else does: find themselves on the map.

It doesn't matter what kind of map it is, whether it's of their neighborhood or an amusement park. They'll open the map and find something that is personally meaningful, such as their house or their favorite roller coaster.

Psychologists call this 'grounding'—the natural behavior of initially finding a known reference point in a foreign information space. Once the person has grounded themselves, they can then use the starting point to understand the rest of the space.

While grounding helps people adjust to complex situations, it can be detrimental when it happens during the design process. If, while conjuring up an interface, designers ground themselves in the design, they run the serious risk of creating an interface that only they can use.

Content Strategy: Content, Context and Curation

There seems to be some unrest upon the royal throne, as far as content strategy is concerned. Content was crowned King sometime ago, but current rumblings by the context community are calling for its dethroning.

Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually Like

Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually LikeEver since Steve Jobs ripped Flurry (news, site) a new one for leaking device data about Apple products, iPhone analytics has been a touchy subject. But this week, a promising startup called Mixpanel is attempting to patch the wound with their iPhone SDK library.