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#OMSDC: Using Social Media for Research and Development


R&D is not cheap. It takes time and staff to effectively understand what customers think about your product, how they access information and where they reside online.

Suzette Gardner, director of internet communications & publications at the National Sleep Foundation walked us through the steps that she and her staff took to better understand what customers want using social media platforms.

#OMSDC: The Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution

OMS_Logo_2010.jpgStefan Marsland, manager of global digital strategy at Aprimo led us through the Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution at the Online Marketing Summit today.Though he may have only been at Aprimo for three weeks, he has spent more than 4 years using Aprimo’s digital marketing strategies and integrated marketing software. As a result, Marsland was able to lend his insight about the company’s strategies from a marketer’s perspective, making it particularly applicable to the audience.

Ingeniux CMS 7: Solving In-Context Editing Challenges, Peeking at WEM


It's been a while since Ingeniux CMS (news, site) got a major face-lift. Last week, they released version 7.

Its predecessor, Ingeniux CMS v6, dates back to 2008 with focus on Enterprise 2.0 web content management. What does Ingeniux have to offer in v7 after two years in the making?

#OMSDC: ThinData Provides Strategies for Optimizing Email

OMS_Logo_2010.jpgThindata1:1's executive vice president, Wayne Carrigan presented Optimizing Your Email and Email Strategies at the Online Marketing Summit as a way to help companies expand their reach through one of the most mature platforms. Email brings with it with lots of data from which to create a framework, especially since email is a trusted source for lead generation and companies are still putting money toward email management solutions.

#OMSDC: Helping Internet Marketers Breathe New Life into their Businesses

OMS_Logo_2010.jpgToday at the Online Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C., Internet marketers gather in an effort to learn how to maximize efficiency, opportunities online, while saving money and time. As well, many of those in attendance serve as evangelicals for their companies and will need to return to the office armed with the tools necessary to sway, convey and transform companies, customers and most importantly the C-suite about the importance of employing online marketing solutions.

Findability + Web Presence + Social: Attracting the “Customer as Buyer”, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two part article, we talked about the need for a strong and well-crafted web presence for connecting with potential customers or with the “Customer as Buyer”. OK – Buyers have found the software vendor’s website…

SMB / Mid-Market buyers of B2B software generally want a wide variety of information about the products and solutions, input from communities and forums, clear pricing and other information that will guide them to making a buying decision.

It's Not What People Say, It's What They Do

Never make management decisions for a website based on opinions. There is often a Jekyll and Hyde difference between what people say and what they do.

Findability + Web Presence + Social: Attracting the “Customer as Buyer”

For anyone selling software solutions, a strong and well-crafted web presence is de rigueur for connecting with potential customers or with the “Customer as Buyer”. More and more purchasing of various software solutions is becoming an online event, fueled by the growing success of SaaS, cloud and open source options. SMB / Mid-Market buyers, who don’t have a lot of time for purchase cycles, want to do business with vendors who make it much easier to reach a decision.

WEM: Optimize Content for Your Web Presence

To optimize content marginally well, companies can choose to focus on SEO, keywords and meta data or how text, image and multimedia content is presented and organized on a site. Yet in order to be competitive in the marketplace, companies should instead focus on incorporating elements of each into their web engagement strategies.

Google Adds Real-Time Statistics to Blogger

blogger_logo_10.jpgAttention, stats fans! Today Google granted Blogger, its blog publishing platform, a feature that allows users to check their stats in (almost) real-time. 

Google Adds Personalization to News Feeds

Big G has made good on its long-time promise of Google News redesign. The new look is personal, centering around a stream of headlines that auto-adjust to a user’s interests.  

FatWire and EMC Deliver Retention and Compliance Platform

 fatwire_logo_2009.jpgFatwire (news, site) is back in the news this week with the release of FatWire Content Integration Platform 2.0 for EMC Documentum. The platform enables organizations to apply enterprise standards for retention and business compliance to Web content. 

Quantivo and Semphonic Partner: Combine Web and Behavioral Analytics

This week, two of the biggest names in behavioral and web analytics partnered. Quantivo (news, site) and Semphonic (news, site) are coming together to offer what they call a turn-key behavioral analytics service.

WEM Perspectives: DAM Needs More Love

We’ve been exploring Web Engagement Management (WEM) perspectives lately. This time we look at the role that Digital Asset Management (DAM) plays in engagement. And based on my experiences, I'll put a stake in the ground and say that most organizations and DAM vendors are missing out on the potential DAM+WEM love.

Monetize Your Live or Recorded Video on Facebook

dyyno_logo_2010.jpgWant to get your high quality video on Facebook?  Dyyno has a app for that, and it will let you distribute and generate revenue from your media.

Medallia Takes the Mystery Out of Customer Behavior

Medallia Takes the Mystery Out of Customer Behavior  Today Medallia (news, site) unveiled Medallia Web Experience, a solution designed to help website and e-commerce teams understand and improve visitor experience.

SDL & SapientNitro Partner for Multi-Channel Web Engagement

 SDL & SapientNitro Partner for Multi-Channel Web Engagement SDL (news, site) and SapientNitro have combined their respective specialties — information management and interactive marketing — in order to offer multi-channel customer experience solutions. The first round is already here for airports and concessionaires, and pays special attention to the mobile consumer.

Google TV is Taking Digital Advertising on a Wild Ride

A revolution called Google TV is coming. Have you thought about what it means? Google's Global VP of Media & Platforms, Henrique De Castro, believes it will change digital content forever. He gave his two cents at this year's international ad fest in Cannes, offering tips on how to start thinking about advertising in a land without barriers. 

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

Web CMS vendors’ affection for web engagement is spreading faster than I can say WEM. SaaS CMS provider Clickability (news, site) is heading that direction as well with the release of Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) module.

Web Manager: Top Tasks Versus Tiny Tasks

Separating the top tasks from the tiny tasks is one of a web manager's most important responsibilities.