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Facebook Unveils Open Graph Search Engine, Sorry Google

Facebook Rolls Out Open Graph Search Engine, Sorry GoogleThe rumors are true! Facebook is wading in the search engine pool. That is, the platform is now plugging  open graph-enabled pages into Facebook search results.

Compliance, Analytics - Key Ingredients in FatWire + EMC Deal


When EMC announced a strategic partnership with FatWire designed to replace their Web CMS with FatWire's Web Experience Management framework, there was a lot of talk about the benefits for both companies and clients, but not a lot of detail.

After speaking to FatWire, it looks like clients of the combined solution should start seeing improvements in Digital Asset Management (DAM), compliance and analytics.

Using Social CRM to Engage With Your Customers

One of the biggest buzz words floating around organizations today is Social CRM. You don't have to look very hard to find an article that discusses what it is and how it differs from traditional CRM. But once you know what it is, what exactly can you do with it? 

Successful Software Starts with Scalable Design, UX

Oreilly_effective UI software.jpgLast week O’Reilly Media hosted an online webinar about effective user interfaces. The online seminar featured John McRee, User Experience Architect and author of the book, Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software.

Week in Review: Engaging Times - Web CMS Vendors Go Full WEM Throttle

And so it is
Just like you said it would be…

(Soundtrack for this weekly review: Damien Rice, The Blower's Daughter)

It sure looks like Web CMS vendors can’t take their minds off WEM, approaching the three-letter acronym (the one we haven’t been able to take our eyes off lately) from many different directions of adjacent technologies.

Sitecore, for example, was all about email management and delivering personalized and qualitatively measurable email campaigns. EPiServer boosted its CMS and community platform with a long-promised integration with an e-Commerce module. SDL released its own integrated e-Commerce offering as well.

All in search for glory, until they find something new to do, when another three-letter acronym to live by is invented.

In the meantime, here are some of the most important happenings of this week in the industry:

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EPiServer Weaves Engagement, e-Commerce, Web CMS and Social Community


More news from the land of Web Engagement Management, where EPiServer (news, site) has been creating some WEM magic. As initially promised in late 2009, they released an e-Commerce product that includes product catalog management, multi-language stores, customer management, reporting and a slew of other features — all in the name of better online engagement with customers.

Goodbye Corporate Website Hello Web Presence Management Framework? Part 2

Yesterday we asked the question: Is the corporate website obsolete? With a growing emphasis on the customer-focused web presence for companies, marketing strategies should include orchestration of web presence via other sites, and initiatives to integrate with conversations and content from those external sites.  (You can read Part 1 here)

A Web Presence Management Framework may be the best approach for managing web content and web presence anywhere. Today we consider what such a Management Framework could look like and the future role of WCM/WEM platforms, where WCM/WEM may be the hub or one of the components. 

Sitecore's Email Management Tool Ties In WCM, CRM and WEM


While we've been looking closely at Web Engagement Management lately, Web CMS vendors were perfecting their WEM offerings.

Sitecore (news, site), for example, released a new module today. The main concept here is around how email is fitting in WEM beyond click-throughs and open rates.

Goodbye Corporate Website Hello Web Presence Management Framework?

These days, companies of all sizes have tired of the expense and complexity of many WCM / WEM solutions, and would dearly love agile alternatives. And, yes, there are lesser expensive options. But what may be the most important factor for a lot of companies, is a strong emphasis on the customer-focused web presence for the company. And this may mean that company web presence will show up on other websites, instead of on the corporate website — which leads to the notion of whether or not the “corporate website” is becoming obsolete for many types of companies.

WEM Perspectives: Who Are the Leaders in Web Engagement Management?

The re-emerging area of Web Engagement Management (WEM) has taken the web content management spotlight of late. Many a vendor is clamoring for a leading role. But who are the real leaders and the coming challengers? Let's have a look.

SmartTarget: Integrated Marketing and eCommerce from SDL

SmartTarget: Integrated Marketing and eCommerce from SDLWith Amazon's success on the brain, SDL Tridion (news, site) added a new leg to its Web CMS last week: SDL SmartTarget. The integrated tool is a profile-based marketing and e-commerce solution with a particular focus on the personalization segment of Web engagement.  

Enterprise Content Management for Converging Media Channels

virtusa_logo.pngThe process of managing content across various media channels has evolved so as to keep up with the new and emerging types of media. It used to be photos and email, but now it’s mobile, video and social networking. Yet, as the enterprise increases its adoption of digital content through new and innovative technologies and tools, so have the challenges related to management of digital content.

Google Caffeine is Search on Steroids, Bing Should Take Notes

Google switched over to a new search indexing system this week. Aptly named Caffeine, the architecture is said to be faster than previous technology, and provides 50% fresher results.

WEM Components: Tools for Social Engagement and Communities

Good communication is critical for your personal relationships, and today that rings true for our virtual ones as well. But audiences vary, as do their needs. Once you have your social engagement strategy, you need your tools. The complexities of your communities make choosing the right tools tricky. Here's what you need to know. 

Are You Multi-Channel Intelligent? Engagement Goes Beyond the Website

You're concerned. You're vigilant. And you're intimate with your analytics. So you already know that the audiences you need to reach are finding you via many different devices and pathways. Your website is just part of the story.

The problem is, not many of us planned for that. The result? An inconsistent experience that provides no way to recognize and respond intelligently to your customer across all channels.

70+% of U.S. Consumers Are Multi-Channel Information Grazers

In some cases, the Internet is replacing older forms of media and buying. But in many instances channels are operating in parallel.

Forrester research found that in more than 70% of the cases studied, U.S. consumers who bought online supplemented their purchasing process with one of a number of additional information channels. These exchanges ranged from print materials, to emails, to call centers, to live chat.

Go Multi-Channel, But Intelligently

Perceiving your problem is the first step. Once you understand what the channels are, then you need to way to recognize each customer across them. After that, it's all about strategy, tools and execution — ultimately leading to intelligent cross-channel experiences.

Technology provider CoreMedia figures they have something to teach you. They've teamed with leading IDC analyst, Melissa Webster, to talk about Expanding Your Online Strategy Beyond Your Website.

The live webinar will cover:

  • 7 key principles for cross-channel digital strategy
  • Approaches to channel-agnostic account management
  • How your content management tools can create consistent, conversational experiences

You can join in on Thursday June 17th at 12pm Eastern time / 9am Pacific time. IDC's Melissa Webster leads the firm's Content and Digital Media Technologies research program. Register now and get a free copy of of Webster's most recent research on multi-channel engagement.

Privacy: Is Google's Opt Out Solution Just Insane?

Earlier this year, Google announced that they were working on a tool that would allow users to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics. The browser plug-in recently arrived, and reactions have — understandably — been mixed. The Onion's visual analysis though, has by far stolen the show.

DemandBase Integrates Live Chat into Its Real Time Web Traffic Service

demandbase-logo.jpgWhat if you could engage customers through live chat while also learning more about their demographics in real time? Now, thanks to a partnership between Demandbase and LivePerson, you can!

Web Experience: The Customer is a Stranger

The organization is a tribe and the customer is a stranger. That's why it's so hard to be customer-centric.

WEM Lessons: Case Studies on Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring one’s brand or image is nothing new. In the olden days, companies might have held focus groups to find out what consumers thought about their product, brand or company. Today, it’s much more complicated to gauge your reputation.

Companies are no longer just producing print materials and television advertising. In fact, companies are not the only ones generating buzz about their product. Nowadays, social media can transform a relatively unknown company into a “household” name in nanoseconds. And though social media can have a meaningful impact on a company’s reputation, it’s no secret that it can also destroy them as well.

Alterian's Revenue Goes Up 14% in FY2010


In its audited preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2010, Alterian (newssite) reports revenue increase, new licensees and partner network growth. And we look at what's coming in 2011.