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Advancing Customer Experience for Companies with Established Baseline

 It is apparent that most companies, if not all, already use some sort of web analytics software to monitor their site’s traffic. Whether it’s built into their CMS or they use an external tool like Google Analytics, it’s rare for an organization not to know where their traffic is coming from. But that’s usually where it ends.


Day Adds Translation and Localization to CQ5 Web CMS

logo-day-software-2009.png When Day Software (news, site) upgraded its content management platform to CQ5.3 it came with a number of useful enhancements, but no translation abilities. Day has just rectified that by teaming up with to produce a quick-response solution to enable companies to launch localized products in numerous languages.

Get Your Brand on Google Chrome Via A Conduit App

Get Your Brand on Google Chrome Via A Conduit AppWith Google's Chrome gathering pace in the browser market, you might want to get your brand on a Chrome App, and Conduit (news, site) are the people who can help.

WEM Fundamentals: Best Practices for Social Engagement

There is no shortage of means for engaging in the social media landscape, and engage we must, goes the current industry imperative. But best practices are in short supply. Here are some guiding thoughts as we pick our way through the social engagement  woods. 

WEM: Engaging Across Channels is Essential

You already know that your website is an important part of your business strategy. But as devices and channels grow in number, it's not the only channel you need to focus on.

Unfortunately, in many cases the user experience across different touchpoints varies broadly and the results clunky or impersonal. Consumer frustration or confusion coming from poor experiences leads to a loss of confidence and potentially, a loss of revenues.

Aimed squarely at addressing this situation CoreMedia and IDC are holding a webinar on June 17th entitled Expand Your Online Strategy Beyond Your Website.

The goal is to detail:

  • How to expand your strategy across multiple channels
  • How to deliver consistent customer experiences across channels
  • Tips for addressing the user context, not just the channel

IDC analyst Melissa Webster — who leads the company's Content and Digital Media Technologies research program — will present her findings on how best to address multi-touchpoint engagement, ensuring your strategy offers a consistent and conversational user experience.

The event takes place on Thursday June 17th at 12pm Eastern time (9am Pacific). If this is your cup of tea, you can pop on over and register here.

WEM Perspectives: The Relevance of Relevance

Every click and every second counts. So optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on delivering relevant, personally meaningful messages.

Web Design: The Reason Why Ad Agency Websites are Truly Awful

Advertising agencies don't get the Web because the web is the place people go to do things.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adds Portal Capabilities to SDK

Portal Capabilities Integrated Into Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDKLast year, adxstudio (news, site) released a number of extensions for Microsoft Dynamics that beefed up the Customer Relationship Management application. Microsoft must have been impressed because now it has included xRM web portals into its Dynamic CRM Software Development Kit (SDK).

Enhancing Web Engagement with Google Moderator

Essentially, Google Moderator is used to dig up the most important questions being posed any given time. This information can be essential for successful Web engagement. Google's new Moderator API (announced at Google I/O) enables developers to house the tool in their own applications, and the benefits of doing so can be seen in YouTube's recent adoption: 

Opting Out of Google Analytics Web Tracking

Google promised wary Web surfers the upcoming option to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking back in March, and now it's finally here. In light of recent privacy issues with other Web giants like Facebook, Google's timing with this release is impeccable, but, is it worth it?

WEM Perspectives: Why Website Personalization Matters

There is a lot of buzz going on around personalization in the online world — how to use it, does it matter, won't the visitor be suspicious, etc. From where I stand, personalization matters. Here's why.

A Double Dip of Sentiment Analysis from Thomson Reuters

 A Double Dip of Sentiment Analysis from Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters may be breaking new ground in the sentiment analysis arena. The company's toolset now comes complete with analytics for both financial services and investment-relation pros.

VisitorTrack: Turn Anonymous Visitors into Leads

visitortrack_logo_2010.JPGVisitorTrack, a tool from netFactor Corporation that acts like caller ID for your website, aims to turn anonymous visitors into leads. For Salesforce users, this process is now automated. 

Bridgeline Adds Web Engagement Features to SaaS Web CMS

bridgeline_logo_2010.jpgFollowing the many other Web CMS vendors who've got the Web Engagement Management (WEM) wind in their sails, Bridgeline Digital (news, site) joins the movement with the addition of the iAPPS Marketier product to its line of SaaS Content Management and E-commerce offerings. Here are the details.

WEM Perspectives: You Say WEM, I Say Online Marketing Optimization

Is Web Engagement Management (WEM) a new on the ground reality, or just the latest turn of phrase to help build the sales pipeline? I think we’ve been here before — but more importantly, how is your organization making its digital business decisions?

#gilbanesf Web Engagement: Personas and Molding the Customer Experience

One of the final sessions from last week's Gilbane conference (see our coverage here) in San Francisco focused on Personas, Market Segmentation and User Experience design. Strong assertions were made (e.g., "data without segmentation is crap") and key lessons shared. Here are the highlights and take-aways.

Web Design: The Need for Speed on the Web

Customers crave speed on the Web, and they reward organizations that make things fast and simple.

Clicktale: 3 Types of Analytics for Usability Testing

clicktale_Logo.jpgA few weeks ago we took a look at the free tools available for conducting usability testing. While free is always welcome, using free products or services can have limitations. When looking at paid options, however, making a decision can be complicated. Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Clicktale, one of the major players in the usability game, about their product, its features and how it can help companies improve their site’s design and user experience.

Week in Review: When WCM Meets WEM, Google Storage Tries to Impress

Ahh, the weekend! After several informationally intense days at Gilbane Conference San Francisco, the R&R starts with a leisurely stroll through the week. Grab a cuppa something and check our coverage of the event.

One the most prevalent themes at #gilbanesf was web engagement management. Even at the post-conference inaugural #CMSGeekUpSF, conversations about engaging content, the importance of enjoying web experience and CMS becoming a Conversation Management System kept going.

Next door to #gilbanesf, a geeky crowd was sporting freebie Droids, Evos and G-socks. Yup, that would be Google I/O. How do you know you're at a geeky conf? Sign #13: 87% of attendees are using Macs, and 47% of those have "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers on them, as observed by @pmonks.

Froyo, (attempted) revival of Wave (especially pitched to the enterprise) and Google TV were among the goodies Google tried to impress the folks with. Oh, right. That and the big Google Storage announcement chasing after Amazon’s S3 offering that already has a relatively established history in the RESTful cloud services market. Too late to the game, dear G? Will BigQuery API and Prediction API become the game changers in Amazon vs. Google storage war?

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Fully Integrate Social Media Marketing with Alterian

logo_alterian_2009-11.jpgAlterian (news, site) joined the crowd and kicked out their first integrated cluster of tools for social media marketing this week. The suite provides solutions for monitoring social media channels, collecting and analyzing customer data online, and multi-channel marketing.