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#gilbanesf WCM, WEM and the Digital Marketing Hub

GilbaneConference.jpgWeb Engagement Management (WEM) seems to be one of the prevalent themes at this year’s Gilbane Conference San Francisco. The last session of the event was around the convergence of online marketing tools and web content management systems. CMS has been redefined as a Conversation Management System.

#gilbanesf Engagement via Findability - Driving Traffic, Improving Conversions

Hadley Reynolds of IDC moderated a wide-ranging discussion of strategies to enhance "findability" on corporate websites at this week's Gilbane Conference in in San Francisco. The discussion bypassed the most commonly-discussed topics such as improving ranking in Google or methods to increase click-through rates. Instead, the focus was on how to insure the people companies most want to reach — potential customers — can reach the right information and be converted from visitors to customers, both on the wider web as well as within the corporate website. Here are the key take aways.

Google Moves Web Forward with Chrome Web Store

Remember the frenzy the Google Marketplace caused? Well, get ready for part two. The Web giant unveiled another online store at the Google I/O Conference yesterday, this time for Chrome applications.  

#gilbanesf 8 Stages in Evolution of Relevant Corporate Sites

GilbaneConference.jpgJeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group keynoted the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco today. His thought-provoking talk was focused on the roadmap for the social corporate websites with the goal of making them relevant again.

In the future, he asserts, there will be no corporate sites. There will only be sites assembled on the fly based on your social data.

WEM: A Look At Multivariate and A/B Split Web Testing

Once you become immersed in testing your website it’s not hard to get caught in a matrix of never ending variables and what if scenarios. While there are many advanced tools that can help companies evaluate the usability of a website — a few of which we’ve already covered — ultimately there are two predominant types of testing methods that can be used: Multivariate and A/B Split Testing.

Today we examine these two testing concepts.

WEM Perspectives: It's Time for Analysts and Buyers to Move Beyond Web CMS

When it comes to selecting the best-fit Web Content Management (WCM) software, a great deal of confusion continues to haunt vendors and buyers alike. Industry analysts have done little to make this any easier. It's time to move beyond Web CMS.

Thousands Quit Facebook, MySpace Simplifies Privacy

Thousands Quit Facebook, MySpace Simplifies PrivacyThanks to another revision of their privacy policy, Facebook has been in the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons. Whether or not the thousands leaving the platform will increase to a significant number on the 31st of this month (a.k.a Quit Facebook Day) remains to be seen, but MySpace is taking advantage of this tiny window of oppotunity regardless. In a move that aims to attract Facebook's sloppy seconds, the ex-king of social networking has announced the simplification of their own policy.  

Privacy is Out, Facebook Deemed Dangerous

Facebook changed its privacy policy again. Please, alert someone, we don't think we can contain all the shock and surprise we're feeling right now.

Okay but seriously, this time users have been affected so deeply that an official Quit Facebook Day has been instituted, and authorities from both the U.S. and Europe are up in lawsuit-filled arms. Is the social network on its way to becoming a victim of its own success, or are we just being too paranoid?

E-Book: 10 Management Truths for the Web Age

It’s half comic, half E-Book authored by Lisa Welchman of Web Operations Management firm WelchmanPierpoint. If you ever wondered about the impact of the web on organizations, and how to examine and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own web presence — this quick read is for you.

Twitter Business Center Ushers Customer Service into the Age of Engagement

 Twitter Business Center Ushers Customer Service into the Age of EngagementAs the social media phenomenon continues to guide and enrich web engagement strategies, more and more companies are responding with holistic touch points for their customers. Twitter's rendition, called the Twitter Business Center, allows businesses to interact with their customers even if they're not following them. 

The 5 Pillars of Web Engagement Management

Web Engagement Management (WEM) is a strategy for how an organization brings together its human and technology resources to optimize its digital presence. In the article What is Web Engagement Management (WEM)? we outlined 5 core WEM components. But we just skimmed the surface. Here's more on what we think is at the center of WEM.

WEM Perspectives: Geeks Are Essential to Your Engagement Strategy

There's no two ways about it: Your technical team needs to participate in your marketing plans from the get-go — that is, if you want your Web Engagement Management (WEM) strategy to be successful.

Demandbase Announces Real-Time Business Identification

demandbase-logo.jpgApproximately six months ago we discussed the ways Demandbase, a provider of B2B customer acquisition solutions, works to better engage publishers with target audiences and deliver better, relevant advertisements.

Today they are launching a new platform called Real-Time ID Service that aims to identify business web traffic, in real time. With the new service, marketers can be armed with valuable insight into not just who is visiting or who has visited a website, but rather who is about to visit their website.

WEM Perspectives: The Customer Conversation Goes Beyond 140 Characters – What’s Your WEM Strategy?

Thanks to the social networking gold rush of the last couple years, there are now countless ways to create low-friction customer conversations online. However, to make these conversations count — driving sales, increasing customer satisfaction or creating stronger brand awareness — there needs to be an effective way to manage how these conversations come together to add value, otherwise, they’re just noise.

Adobe and KickApps Make Flash-Based Media Delivery Easy

Adobe and KickApps Make Flash-Based Media Delivery EasyIf KickApps (news, site) failed to catch your attention before, perhaps their partnership with Adobe will do the trick. The combination of these social media and creative technologies has yielded the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) App Studio, a cloud-based, drag-and-drop media player solution. 

WEM Perspectives: 8 Easy Steps To Better Customer Conversations

Consumers use several sources of information before making purchase decisions — they may seek independent opinions, speak to customer service agents, or examine goods physically. And they are constantly accessing information via multiple touchpoints — including mobile devices, social networks and company websites — throughout the research process.

Companies have come to recognize the importance of providing excellent cross-channel services to improve the customer experience. In fact, according to a Forrester report,  80 percent of customer experience decision makers said that improving cross-channel interactions was one of their key priorities in 2010. However, consumers consistently rate satisfaction levels for cross-channel experiences as poor, so it is apparent that businesses often struggle to deliver on this goal.

Lithium Drops US$ 20+ Million on Scout Labs

Lithium Drops US$ 20+ Million On Scout LabsLithium, a new-ish player in the Social CRM circle, has just made a significant investment. The acquisition of Scout Labs has left them a whole US$ 20 million dollars lighter in stock and cash. Meanwhile, social media startup founders are seeing dollar signs. 

Web Analytics: Waiting for the New Federal Government Cookie Policy

Is waiting for the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines on a new Federal Government cookie policy like waiting for Godot? One might not be blamed for thinking as much.

Spindex: Microsoft's Search Engine Approach to Social Feeds

Spindex: Microsoft's Search Engine Approach to Social FeedsImagine your social world—Twitter, Facebook, etc.—all on one page. Popular lifestreaming solutions like FriendFeed and Tumblr work to provide just that. Now, imagine it's a Microsoft offering.  

WEM Perspectives: Have the Buzzword Magpies Stolen our "Engagement"

Oh yes I did — I said the engagement word. And did I hear a small sigh? Is the word already starting to creep into the lexicon of marketecture? Has it fallen to the same reason that I can no longer utter the word leverage without people giggling? Is it all a bit, you know, web 2.0?

Or can we still talk about it as an industry best practice, a unit of measure, a goal or a set of tools for defining and describing that connection with our audience? I'll argue for the latter.