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Web Publishing Roll-up: Advertising on Portals, Twitter Tags as Newspapers

Today, we're catching up on recent reports, studies and white papers that seek to enlighten us about searching the mobile web, web advertising via YouTube and other online portals, as well as the hashtag rivers that connect people with the news.

Scitable Provides Online Collaborative Space for Science


Scitable is an open online teaching/learning portal, which combines educational articles authored by editors at Nature Publishing Group with technology-based community features, all aimed at helping teachers, librarians and students.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Giving Back to Children, Going Places with Google

This week, we look at how web publishing can help children and Google's new push for the ad dollars of local businesses.

What's Coming in Adobe's Creative Suite 5

What's Coming in Adobe's Creative Suite 5

When Adobe released its Creativity Suite 4, it was designed to make it easier to design websites that combine different types of media. With the recent launch of Adobe’s Creativity Suite 5, the aim is to improve creative editorial workflows and analytics; while offering some cool new design, video and photography tools.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

WordPress 3.0 On the Horizon - What's Notable?

wordpress_logo_2009.jpgWordPress 3.0 (news, site) is just around the corner and, as per usual for the popular blogging and content management system, a very rough beta version was kicked out earlier this month. Let's take a look at what team WordPress are — and are not — working on this time 'round.

#drupalcon OpenPublish - Semantic Online Publishing with Drupal and OpenCalais

logo-openpublish-2010-04.jpg Acquia, the commercial company founded by Drupal (news, site) project lead Dries Buytaert, and Phase2 Technology have joined forces around the OpenPublish (news, site) content publishing platform. OpenPublish combines the open source Drupal Web CMS framework with OpenCalais (news, site), a free semantic web metadata service provided by Thomson Reuters.

#drupalcon Keeping Up with Twitter

This year for Drupalcon, the organizers felt a little cross-pollination was in order. There are multiple talks that don't in fact feature Drupal (news, site) at all. Instead, the topics revolve around things that the Drupal community can learn from.

One of those talks was offered by Ben Sandofsky (@sandofsky) of Twitter (news, site).

Web Design: The Decline of the Homepage

More and more customers are going straight to specific pages on your website, rather than the homepage.

#csforum10 Content Strategy: It's Time for a Strategic Content Lifecycle

Here in Paris at the Content Strategy Forum 2010 put on by STC France, the first question that comes to mind is: What exactly is content strategy. Plausible responses are not in short supply, and keynote speaker Rahel Anne Bailie opened the event with a bit of what and a lot of why it's time to prioritize and evolve content strategy.

It's Time to Rethink Your Approach to Analytics

Most organizations have spent precious little energy on an analytics strategy, and even fewer have structured their organizations in such a way as to give analytics data the life it deserves.

Phil Kemelor of consulting firm Semphonic asserts these things and more. You — yes, you there — are probably not so good at using your data. And if you don't fix that soon, says he, the coming multi-channel analytics tsunami is going to overwhelm you. Either that or you'll just keep right on going, flying blind — while your competitors continue refining.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Online Publishers Leverage Social Media Networks, Win Pulitzers

This week in web publishing, online publishers get tools for leveraging social media, while the Pulitzer Prize awards online news organizations.

Apple Launches iAd, A Mobile Ad Network

iad-150x150.jpgAnd so it was written, on Thursday, April 8, Steve Jobs said, “…we think most of this mobile advertising really sucks,” thus giving way to the creation of iAd, Apple’s debut mobile advertising platform. The mobile web will never be the same again.

Web Publishing: AllVoices Opens 30 Global, Citizen Powered News Desks

Web Publishing: AllVoices Opens 30 Global, Citizen Powered News Desks As many American newspapers and news agencies close down news desks scattered strategically around the world, citizen journalism is filling the gap. By offering local journalists and concerned citizens a platform from which to offer their perspectives on local and global events, coverage of world news is showing signs of life again.

Why the iPad Matters -- It's the Beginning of the End

From my ECM-er perspective, the reason the iPad is so important is because it marks the beginning of the end of the old generation of publishing, and the popularization of e-publishing.

Brightcove Gets $12M in Funding, Plans EMEA Expansion


Brightcove (news, site) is the latest company looking across the Atlantic as it secures further investment for expansion of its online video management service.

Bringing Newspaper Digital Editions to iPad

There’s been speculation about how the iPad is good for the publishing industry, provided that publishers take the time to invest in it’s unique design and technologies platform.

Though the iPad has been out less than a week, it hasn’t prevented business providers from offering services to the publishing industry, specifically for the iPad.

Web Publishing Roll-Up: The Life and Death of Newspapers

This week proves to be a tumultuous time for the newspaper industry —Twitter doesn't work, most people think that newspapers' days are numbered. But just when you don't think it can get better, a beacon of hope arrives — iPad.

WoodWing: Create Digital Magazines for the iPad

WoodWing: Create Digital Magazines for the iPadThe release of Apple's iPad means a lot of things; among them: digital magazines. WoodWing (news, site) and a digital concept and design company called The Wonderfactory are some of the first to put their heads together for this specific purpose. Their partnership has turned a mutual vision into reality, and it's shaped like a set of tools that enable publishers to produce content for the iPad in the same way they create content for print.

Twitter Champions Popularity with "Top Results" Feature

twitter_logo_2010.JPGWhat kind of Friday would it be without a Twitter update? We noted at last week's end that the platform was getting ready to focus on popular Tweets rather than their infamous real-time stream—a concept that can now be seen on Twitter's search page.

Amazon CloudFront Expands, Allows Private Streamed Content

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon (news, site)  has been busy. In addition to a brand new edge location for CloudFront, the company's content delivery Web service now supports private content—which means customers can sell or secure.