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Web Publishing Roll-up: Publishers Big & Small Respond to the iPad

By the end of this week, thousands of users will receive their iPad. Once they are able to fully enjoy and test their Apple Tablets to the fullest, the internet will be alive with analysis and reviews. Yet, even before its first delivery, the iPad continues to influence the design and implementation of e-books and magazines. Let’s take a look, shall we?

W3C Solution for Robust Web Application Caching Progresses

W3C_logo_2010.jpgThe Web's days of innocence — where it was just used to post the digital equivalent of static brochures — are long past. Today we expect to do everything over the web, no matter how forced and cludgy it has to work under the hood to accomplish our goals. Fortunately, there are people willing to wade into the mind-numbing realm of protocols and data streams in order to improve it all.

Web Publishing Roll-up: From iPads to Digital Media Handbooks

This week, web publishing lends itself wholly to digital media. From iPads to handbooks about implementing digital initiatives to daily video news programs, it’s becoming clear that digital media is catching on.

Mobifusion Prepares to Launch MOBleReader

Mobifusion Prepares to Launch MOBleReaderLast year, Mobifusion, a leading mobile value-added services provider and partner for media and publishing companies, released its Mobiviewer 2.5 multimedia platform. This month, the company has announced the imminent release of its new MOBIeReader.

The iPad Gets a Motion Digital Magazine Cover

If the comments on the New York Times blog about VIVmag’s interactive iPad magazine are any indication, users are still having a hard time figuring out the usefulness of the infamous tablet device. But that hasn’t stopped technologists and innovators from designing interfaces and experiences specifically for the iPad.

New Twitter Feature Ditches Real-Time for Popularity

New Twitter Feature Ditches Real-Time for PopularityIn the wake of the Twitter flatline phenomenon (the company’s massive growth rate leveled out between July and December of 2009), it appears we’re seeing what is possibly the most change the platform has undergone since its inception. Their latest development? Digging up the most relevant Tweets rather than presenting them real-time.

Microsoft Creates New Website for Open Data Protocol

odata_logo_2010.jpg Microsoft announced the new website at MIX10 this week, continuing their efforts in open standards and interoperability.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Clinton Likes the iPhone, Digital Mags Get a New Definition

This week in web publishing we learn that Clinton loves his iPhone; consumers create more challenges for newspapers; and Wired changes the definition of a digital magazine.

CMS Review: Drupal Gardens SaaS Web CMS

Drupal Gardens - SaaS Web Content Management System (CMS)Forget all that talk about the cloud and SaaS. Many just don't want to have to worry about their own hardware, OS, and software. If you're one of this benighted group, there's some new options coming your way. Read on to learn about one of them, Drupal (news, site) style.

Mobile Web Publishing - The Future is Here

Web content managers now have a wealth of mobile web cms functionality available through WebKit, a layout engine designed to allow web browsers to render web pages. WebKit takes the content of a web page, and lays it out according to how a web page’s source code specifies.

How Media Companies Can Generate Revenue

It’s safe to say that many media publishers are focused on creating new streams of revenue. But how many media revenue models can there be and how do you identify the one that works best?

Ross Dawson, author and blogger, has been working to create a Media Revenue Models framework in an effort to give companies a sample of what is available.

Leadership Change: Jeffrey Jaffe Takes the Helm at W3C

W3C_logo_2010.jpg There's a change of the guard at the W3C (news, site) this month. Jeffrey Jaffe has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer. His extensive business and technical experience make him the perfect match to support the W3C's role as the leading forum for the technical development of the Web.

The Newspaper Club Lets You Design and Print Your Own Newspaper


Did you work on your high school newspaper or yearbook? If so, there’s a new club in town. No tryouts necessary. All you have to do is sign up and those days of dreaming about being your own publisher are over. Thanks to the Newspaper Club, a new London-based startup, anyone can print their own 12-page newspaper.

The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

As long as there’s been an Internet, the discussion between user experience and usability has been explored. Although they are conceptually linked, taken separately, they highlight different elements of the human-computer interaction.

Yet in these days of advanced user interfaces, from mobile devices to e-readers to tablets, has the line between user experience and usability blurred? And if so, what does it mean for web standards and design? We examine their distinctions, roles and implications in an effort to answer these questions.

#SXSW: Microsoft Unveils a User Experience Kit

MS_UX_kit.jpg Lots of interesting things happening at SXSW (news, site) over the weekend. Even Microsoft was in the game launching a new User Experience Kit for technical and creative leads. Let's see what's in the box.

Optimizing Content: This Article is for Information Purposes Only

Do not act based on anything you might read in this article. It is purely for information purposes only.

Managing Video, Podcasts, Comments With Open Source Publishing Tool


MediaCore is ramping up towards v1.0, offering a free video and podcast management tool for digital delivery and encouraging social content.

How e-Readers Impact Web Publishing, Web Standards, Print Sales

There are indications that e-books and the reading devices, like Kindle and the Nook, are becoming more mainstream and as a result they are having an interesting impact on the way we interact with content, both online and in print.

Selecting a CMS: Managing Product Demos

If you followed the advice from the first two articles in this series (How to build a short list and Developing scenarios), you should have a good idea of what you are looking for and with what products you might find some content management system bliss. This next article provides guidance on how you can start evaluating actual products against your defined requirements.

Google's Chief Economist Weighs in on the Trouble with Newspapers

It’s fair to say that you can gauge the importance of a problem by those that attempt to solve it. The Manhattan project had Einstein. Newspapers have Google.

To be fair, we’ve been tackling this problem for some time now and many qualified technicians have tried to figure it out. But newspapers, both print and online, are too complex for any one solution.

Recently, Google’s Chief Economist, Hal Varian, weighed in on the topic during a Federal Trade commission (FTC) meeting. (FWIW: The FTC was looking for answers.)