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Web Publishing Roll-up: Blogs, Corporate Culture and Capitalism

This week web publishing goes blogging. From intranet corporate behaviors to online newspapers, blogs are making headlines.

Google Upgrades Ad Management for Publishers

Google Upgrades Ad Management for PublishersHeads up, publishers, Google wants to help you make more money. Yesterday the search giant launched what they’re calling the next generation of ad-serving technology.

Revisiting the 3 Questions for Great Experience Design

2010 is proving to be about user experience. Even in the past few weeks, we have covered the trends and needs associated with improving usability online, from web design to promoting transparency.

With the upcoming MX: Managing Experience conference that will focus on usability and user experience best practices, we'd like like to revisit the three key variables Jared Spool once indicated as being critically important to the field.

Escenic Community Engine Goes RESTful, Adds Dashboard

Escenic Community Engine 3.3-1 Goes RESTful, Adds Dashboard

Offering web publishing and strategic content management, Escenic packs in 140 fixes and improvements into its latest updates of Escenic Community Engine 3.3-1 platform.

Google Open Sources its Living Stories Web Content Platform

livingstories_logo.gifIn December, Google’s Living Stories, one of the latest Google Labs endeavors, was used in collaboration with the and New York Times to re-purpose content online. In February, Google is opening up Living Stories so that any publisher can adopt its experiment in presenting news online and in real time.

Drupal 6 Performance Tips From Packt

drupal_6_performance_tips.jpg Packt Publishing (news, site), one of our favorite providers of IT books for professionals, has just kicked out a book to help you boost Drupal 6 performance.

The book is aimed at users of all experience levels—that includes you, beginners!—as well as, designers, themers and webmasters.

Challenges With Transparency, Usability and Government Websites

Think you know what websites have the best usability?

A survey by the UK-based research firm Webcredible found that the top performing industry sectors were news and media websites, followed by travel and utility websites. The sites voted most unfavorably belonged to local authority and government sector websites.

The study surveyed 1,000 users during the last quarter of 2009. The results indicate that some industries could improve from a renewed focus on their interfaces. Fails, 10.2 Million Blogs Go Offline

wordpress_logo_2009.jpg (news, site) was down for approximately 110 minutes yesterday—their worst downtime in four years. The crash took all blogs off the map, including those registered in the VIP program. Wuh-oh.

BuddyPress 1.2 Turns WordPress into a Social Network

BuddyPress: Adding Social Media to STandard WordPress InstallsIt seems like everyone and their mother is trying to integrate social media into their solutions, and WordPress (news, site) is no exception.

BuddyPress, a package of social tools initially designed to add networking to sites based on WordPress MU, can now be used with standard installs. 

WordPress Treats VIP Users with Primo Hosting and Support

WordPress Treats VIP Users with Primo Hosting and SupportAre you among the (news, site) elite? The team behind the popular Web CMS just re-launched their VIP services, providing exclusive hosting and developer-to-developer support for high-profile and high-traffic sites.

CoreMedia and Forrester: Cross Channel User Experiences Must Improve

Demanding modern consumers want not only rich, engaging online experiences, but, according to Forrester's research, they also expect these experiences to extend transparently across multiple channels — from the web to call centers, to direct mail, mobile, social networks and in-store displays. In fact, recent research says that more than 70% of U.S. consumers use the Web plus another channel when making purchase decisions.

We've said it before, 2010 is shaping up to be a year where experience management needs drive the Web CMS sector in new, and in our opinion, interesting directions.

On Thursday February 25 at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern and 4pm GMT CoreMedia and Forrester are holding a webinar entitled The Role of Web CMS in Cross-Channel Customer Relations.

The live event will be presented by Forrester's Tim Walters and aims to:

  • Review the emerging trends in cross-channel communications and experience management
  • Explore how Web Content Management solutions can a play key role in driving customer responsiveness
  • Demonstrate that synchronizing, updating and optimizing your digital content for a wide variety of consumer end points can quickly increase your customer engagement

If you're tasked with optimizing your customer communication and interaction channels, then this event might be just what you need. Inquiring minds can register here.

Selecting a CMS: Developing Usage Scenarios

In my last article, I described how to avoid the analysis-paralysis trap and quickly make your way to a short list of content management software options. If you missed that article, check out Selecting a CMS: How to Build a Short List.  If you followed the recommended approach, you should have a good idea of your high-level vision (what type of website you need to manage), your financial and technical constraints and few promising products to look at.

In this article I describe how to define some practical usage scenarios which you will use to shape the product evaluation process.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Digital Media and the iGeneration

This week, our web publishing roll-up focuses on smaller, niche magazines that seek independence from the main audit bureau, as well as the younger generation of digital media users.

Eliminating Bad Complexity

Good complexity leads to greater convenience, choice and options. Bad complexity leads to frustration, wasted time and wasted money.

WCM Field Notes: How to Know Your CMS Project is Up $--t Creek

WCM Field Notes is a regular column written in collaboration with Jon Marks (@McBoof), Head of Development at LBi. This issue lists 15 questions you can use to judge the state of your content management project.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Social Media, Magazine Sales and Wisconsin

This week in web publishing we cover three key areas: social media, magazines and Wisconsin.

The 6 Hidden Costs of Running a DAM System

Paul Boag wrote an article a while back entitled "The 5 hidden costs of running a CMS" over on Vitamin/Carsonified and I really thought it was a useful item to ponder over as a CMS user. Then I thought, "This totally applies to digital asset management software as well, somebody should write up the same thing for DAM." So here goes (with all due respect to Mr. Boag).

K4 Publishing Platform v6 Enhances Workflow, Cross Channel Support

k4_logo_2010.jpgNewly updated, K4 is a German-originated product shipped in America by MEI. It offers tighter control of the publishing process with task-based workflow giving specific instructions on each user's tasks to keep them on the ball.

Poll: How Useful is Your Web Analytics Data?

There has been a lot of discussion around what is better, integrated analytics or third party analytics solutions. But the discussion doesn't start there. It should start with just how well you use your analytics to drive your business decisions and user experience improvement decisions.

And thus our question for you this week is this:

The poll will be open through Sunday, February 14th, so have your say now. Stay tuned for the results of our Top DAM Challenges poll from last week.

The Customer CAN Handle the Truth

It is time for marketers and communicators to stop treating customers like little children and start treating them like intelligent adults.