Citrix Systems is a provider of desktop virtualization, mobile, cloud sharing and collaboration and professional services products serving IT buyers, strategic IT executives, desktop operations managers, network architects and server operations managers.

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  • May 25

    Has Citrix Lost Its Focus?

    With Citrix Synergy taking place this week in Las Vegas, let’s take a moment to step back and remember the Citrix of yesteryears.  Founded in 1989, Citrix came of age in a world where Steve Jobs led NeXT and cellphones were the size of bricks. Continue reading...

  • May 6

    Forrester Names 7 Hybrid File Sharing Leaders

    Enterprise file sync and share isn't going anywhere. Once viewed primarily as a consumer tool, the software has gained acceptance in the workplace to the point where Forrester analyst Cheryl McKinnon calls it "firmly entrenched in the enterprise."   Shortly after their report looking at t...Read more

  • Feb 2

    Meet Forrester's Hybrid Cloud Management Leaders

    Seven vendors topped Forrester's first Wave for Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, in spite of some confusion in the market as to what exactly "hybrid cloud" means. Three vendors scored a place as strong contenders. Continue reading...

  • Jan 21

    New Citrix CEO Gets $24M Signing Bonus

    Citrix just named former Microsoft executive Kirill Tatarinov its new CEO and President. It also increased the size of its corporate board to 11 and appointed Tatarinov a director of the company. The move comes six months from the retirement of longtime Citrix CEO Mark Templeton — a move a...Read more

  • Aug 21

    Who Wins With Citrix's New Workspace Cloud?

    Christmas in August? VMWare’s End-User Computing boss Sanjay Poonen may not think so, but IT managers and the end users they serve just may smile when they experience Citrix’s Workspace Cloud. Continue reading...

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