is a live video chat SaaS app for ecommerce sites and suits the needs of both small business and large enterprise. The solution includes text and audio chats and can embed to a website by copy-pasting a line of code to a website.

Users can see who’s visiting their site in real time and see who needs help. Even before visitors lose interest and leave the site, the solution can extend help immediately with the live chat tool. Users can also send personalized invitations based on the visitor’s behavior in the site, such as: browsing time; number of visits; specific page visited; city the visitor is; traffic source; and page views. That information can help users send targeted content including special interest deals, “welcome back” greetings, and product demo. The CustomerICare product also offers customer care chat analytics to evaluate customer support performance on daily, weekly, and monthly metrics.

The plugin is compatible with platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and Shopify.

Product Details

Free Live Chat by CustomerICare
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SaaS, On-Premise


Primary Use Cases

Live video chat. Customer care.

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