MailChimp is a web-based service allowing subscribers to automate the email marketing process and test the workflow. It helps users to design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services they already use, and track results.

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  • Jan 27

    MailChimp Integrates Facebook Ads With Email Marketing

    MailChimp has ventured out of its email marketing comfort zone with a Facebook advertising integration. Users of the email marketing platform can now create Facebook ads and track performance in the same platform. MailChimp officials said customers wanted the Atlanta-based provider to "take th...Read more

  • Feb 26

    MailChimp's Mandrill Move Enrages Email Users

    Email marketing provider MailChimp made a move this week that set off a barrage of complaints from users who promised to abandon the product.  MailChimp announced Wednesday that Mandrill, the email delivery API that developers use to send transactional emails from websites and applications...Read more

  • Dec 23

    Mailchimp: Automation is Just Good Marketing

    As you wade through yesterday’s 300 unopened emails, you may be cursing the day email ever rocked our peaceful, print-based world. However, if you’re a digital marketer, those messages mean money. According to a study by eConsultancy, email continues to be one of the top two channel...Read more

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