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Marketing automation systems a way to set up repeatable actions via an automated workflow process. These are often rule based systems where a defined process is layed out using triggers that perform a function when a person takes a desired action like opening an email or downloading a form. The most advanced of these systems offer complex processes where longer term lead nurturing is enabled including social media, direct mail, SMS messages and email among other channels.

Featured Products
  • Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management

    by NUXEO

    A digital and media asset management system with features including asset capture, automatic metadata extraction, video storyboarding, flexible content model and support for a broad range of file types.

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  • EPiServer Web CMS

    EPiServer Web CMS


    EPiServer Web CMS is a flexible web content management platform allowing content editors to publish web and mobile sites. Add-ons include modules for social publishing, site search, SharePoint integration, SEO optimization, etc. EPiServer additionall...

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  • Flight by Canto

    Flight by Canto

    by CANTO

    Canto Flight is a SaaS Digital Asset Management solution produced by Canto Software. Flight includes media finding tools like search, filtering, tagging, folders, albums, fullscreen previews, controlled keywords, commenting and more. Customers ca...

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