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Marketing automation systems a way to set up repeatable actions via an automated workflow process. These are often rule based systems where a defined process is layed out using triggers that perform a function when a person takes a desired action like opening an email or downloading a form. The most advanced of these systems offer complex processes where longer term lead nurturing is enabled including social media, direct mail, SMS messages and email among other channels.

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  • Digital Experience Manager

    Digital Experience Manager


    Jahia's Digital Experience Manager is a User Experience Platform for Enterprises. The product ships with wizard-based configurations and Enterprise-tested installation procedures. Digital Experience Manager offers the ability to optimize each comp...

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  • Ingeniux CMS

    Ingeniux CMS


    Ingeniux CMS is a modern web content and digital experience management platform. Its agile content management approach supports the delivery of content to websites, online communities, mobile apps, web applications, intranets and extranets, and more....

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  • CentricMinds


    by ZERO

    The CentricMinds CMS provides an integrated digital experience management solution. Users can create, manage, deliver and personalize their content across their Web, Mobile, Intranet and Extranet sites. CentricMinds also contains digital marketin...

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  • Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management

    by NUXEO

    A digital and media asset management system with features including asset capture, automatic metadata extraction, video storyboarding, flexible content model and support for a broad range of file types.

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  • CampaignChain


    CampaignChain is a marketing integration software with open source capabilities. Users can connect to multiple online channels to plan, execute and monitor all marketing activities. Some of the features include: Automated Execution, a Management D... View details

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    Marketing Automation.

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