Mastering SharePoint as a Project Management Platform Minnesota 2013




More and more successful organizations use SharePoint to drive projects and operational initiatives. This 5 day SharePoint course allows teams to collectively manage information and work effort, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and managers, and transform the work of individual employees into a powerful effort that drives the project forward.

Project Managers can coordinate all players with more ease than ever before and keep everyone on the same page, even as they harness information tools that allow the most efficient project management the industry has ever seen. This hands-on, lab-driven course guides managers, project managers, and team leaders through the real-world process of using SharePoint to drive projects. Improve efficiency and boost the likelihood of success as you learn to build a customized Project Management Information System.

After attending this course, students will be able to:

  • Construct a SharePoint-based PMIS for planning, reporting, and forecasting projects.
  • Set up one or multiple projects using a Microsoft Project Plan.
  • Create customized SharePoint Dashboards for project overviews.
  • Develop and automate standard project management processes using SharePoint.
  • Provide managers and stakeholders with project status information and quickly communicate and solve problems.
  • Create custom lists, calendars, contacts, and project tracking for each project.
  • Utilize SharePoint’s social and collaboration capabilities to increase project communication and efficiency.
  • Establish an online project archive for instant access to project history.
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