2nd B2B DemandGen Summit Beijing 2014




As the leading B2B Marketing Communication service provider in Asia Pacific, Global ConsignIndex will present the B2B Marketing Series in Beijing -2nd B2B DemandGen Summit 2014, bringing more than 20 Keynote Speakers and 70 senior marketers from MNCs together. No matter it is in traditional marketing or new marketing field, we are facing the same challenge: buyer’s behavior is changing.

The past few years have witnessed profound changes in how marketers do their jobs. Emerging from a world in which outbound campaigns, characterized by advertising and
Intuition predominated. Today B2B marketers are constantly challenged by new paradigm of inbound marketing programs driven by digital channels, served by multiple touches, and measured by sophisticated technologies—and where data analysis is king. It is a daunting new world that Marketers are fighting, often with limited budgets and human capital.

In era of marketing automation, marketing owns a much larger part of the revenue generation cycle. The answer lies in how to react to the demand or engage in real time and right time. The practice of driving awareness and interest in a brand's products
and services -isn't new, but modern techniques for Demand Generation certainly are, technology is changing and improving faster than we could have ever imagined in the early days of direct mail marketing or event marketing.

As prelude to 2nd B2B DemandGen Summit 2014, on May 22nd sessions are lined up on Demand Dynamics & Demand Strategy.

The Speakers will share hands-on experiences of
——Use Content to Generate Demand: How to support buying decision
——Turning Buyer's Insight into Buyer's Foresight
——Why Buyer Predictability is the Key Trend in B2B
——Marketing is the New Sales! Be Modern Marketers

From May 23rd, 2nd B2B DemandGen Summit 2014 will further its journey to Demand Shape & Demand Engage.
Featured cases include:
——Demand Shape: Align your product/ service with client's potential needs
——Go-to-Market Strategy: Identify market demand with purchasing power on your products through channels
——Demand Process for Engagement: Hook targeted buyers via both inbound and outbound channels
——From Leads Gen to Demand Gen: How to engage your leads to drive demand

This event is fully supported by EleKungfu—business activity oriented B2B platform that is designed for all professionals and experts to socialize and modernize business communication.

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