3rd Annual Customer Experience Management in Banking Summit




For some customer centricity is just a buzzword. For the leading banks it is an obsession to become more customer centric. Since the crash of 2008 banks have been working tirelessly to rebuild the relationship with their customers and regain that feeling of trust. This has been made more difficult as the customers themselves have changed. They do expect more service, and for less. They expect to be be able to contact their bank at any time, anywhere and through any channel.

Banks have followed the mobile generation to the remote channels, as online banking, mobile banking and social media banking are now expected for the modern customer from the modern bank. Customers are moving away from the phone and branch, wherein sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are now the preferred medium to contact the bank to resolve any issues. The banks who are unable to keep up will simply be left behind.

This summit will discuss how to gain customer loyalty among the mobile generation, use multi-channels to match your customer's needs, and build the customer centric model that best suits your company. Our speaker's panel will feature case studies delivered by senior experts from leading companies such as Barclays, Citi, RBS, Nordea Bank, SEB and more. The case studies will focus on the experience and knowledge our speaker's have had when approaching the challenges that you are facing, not simply theoretical advice.

Benefits of attending:
Discover new strategies of creating Customer Centric Banks
Learn how to built the feeling of trust in your customers
Find out the way to maintain Customer Loyalty among the mobile generation
Explore the potential of Gamification in Banking
Get the inside track on mapping out the Customer's Emotional Journey

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