AgileDotNet Texas 2013




AgileDotNet is the bridge between the world of .Net development and Agile methods, built by agilists passionate about delivering superior content in unique settings. This will be the fourth year of AgileDotNet, and the content will continue to not disappoint!

AgileDotNet brings developers, QA, scrummasters, project managers, and business leaders to empowering and unique sessions across four tracks. Attendees return to their workplace with the tools, motivation, and support to be more agile both as an individual, and as part of a team.

#adn13 is different from those past. Despite maintaining a high bar for great workshops and discussions, we realized there was a common theme among many of the most steadfast agile coaches and leaders trying to bring change within their enterprise. The enterprise is difficult to change. Budgets, risks, unfamiliar territory, and planning are all excuses that point to one thing. The enterprise has trust issues.

At #adn13, we will break the trust barrier down. With a wrecking ball. You will learn from passionate field-tested agilists how to establish trust with the team, amongst management, and with the organization as a whole. Regardless what role you play.

Learning agile methods for software development and project management can feel like climbing a mountain. Recognizing that itís a journey requiring forethought, learning, and experience that can only be gained on the job will help you break through the barriers youíll encounter at different stages of the climb. AgileDotNet Dallas 2013 is here to help you through the ascension Ė to develop your skills, raise your awareness, and prepare your mind for the climb youíre taking on in your own projects.

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