AIIM Conference New Orleans 2013




Extreme Information: are you prepared?

We are moving from the Systems of Record era in which our focus was on high-value information assets to the Systems of Engagement era in which volume, velocity, and variety are increasing dramatically. And so, it was only a matter of time before this movement in the consumer sector extended to the enterprise. Now, the “appification” and “consumerization” of the enterprise is revolutionizing the way we think about enterprise information and IT – and the kinds of skills we need within our organizations.

The AIIM Conference 2013 is ONLY for those who are ready to think strategically about information management on a massive scale; to embrace the stewardship, optimization, and application of their enterprise information assets. Our highly-interactive sessions are designed to build these skills around six revolutionary imperatives:

•Make everything mobile: Redefine content delivery and process automation to take advantage of mobile devices and mobile workforces.

•Digitize processes: Drive paper out of processes and automate process flows.

•Make the business social: Integrate social technologies into processes rather than create standalone social networks.

•Automate information governance: Acknowledge that paper-based records paradigms no longer work and focus on automating governance and disposition.

•Mine big content: Find insights and value in massive aggregations of unstructured information.

•Commit to the cloud: Break down monolithic “enterprise” solutions into more “app like” solutions that can be deployed quickly independent of platform and in the cloud.

Join us for 2.5 days packed with advice on how to drive innovation, engage with customers and improve the way high-value knowledge work gets done.

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