AnDevCon Boston 2013




AnDevCon, the technical conference for software developers building Android apps, is the biggest, most info-packed, most practical Android developer conference in the world and now it's coming to Boston!

Whether you're an enterprise developer, work for a commercial software company, or are driving your own start-up, if you are building Android apps, you need to attend AnDevCon, May 2831, 2013 in Boston.

You won't find sys admins, VC's, marketing people, celebrities, and curious onlookers…but you will find hundreds of experienced developers and engineers like you attending more than 75 classes 100% focused on Android development.

Hang out and network with colleagues and our expert speakers at coffee breaks, lunches and our fabulous Attendee Reception. More than 45 companies will be exhibiting or sponsoring AnDevCon Boston previous exhibitors include Google, Amazon, GroupOn, Sony, Adobe, Samsung, Qualcomm, TapJoy, RIM, AT&T, Barnes & Noble, HTC, Intel and dozens of others.

Featured Sessions:

  • Android OpenGL ES Essentials, Parts I and II
  • Android Performance Tips
  • Battle-Tested Patterns in Android Concurrency
  • Building NFC-Enabled Android Applications
  • Connecting the Dots: Bluetooth in Your Application
  • Dive into Android Fragments
  • Building Your First Social App
  • Leveraging Android's Linux Heritage
  • Hacking APKs for Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun), Parts I and II
  • Optimizing Android UI: Tips for Creating Fast and Responsive Applications
  • Targeting App Success, Parts I and II
  • Exploring Embedded with Arduino (half-day tutorial)
  • 2D Physics Game Half-Day Hackathon (half-day tutorial)
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