AnDevCon IV San Francisco 2012




AnDevCon IV is the technical conference for software developers building Android apps. AnDevCon is the biggest, info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world. Whether you're an enterprise developer, work for a commercial software company, or are driving your own start-up, if you are building Android apps, you need to attend AnDevCon, Dec 4–7, 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You won't find sys admins, VC's, marketing people, celebrities, and curious onlookers…but you will find hundreds of experienced developers and engineers like you attending more than 75 classes 100% focused on Android development.

Building on the success of our three previous technical conferences, AnDevCon IV continues to be 100% focused on the enhancing your skills as an Android developer.

At AnDevCon IV, you'll be able to choose from 80+ workshops and technical classes at all levels, from overview to intermediate to advanced. Come learn what fits your needs in four separate technical areas:

•Developer Essentials: These technical classes and workshops cover all programming topics from overview to intermediate to advanced.

•Android Business: These classes and workshops teach you the most effective ways of distributing and selling Android apps, including how to maximize profit through Google Play.

•Android Tablets and beyond: These classes and workshops are specific to commercial devices beyond smartphones, including tablets, Google TV and other commercial platforms.

•Embedded Android: These classes and workshops bring you close to the hardware in custom boards and devices.

The technical classes and workshops are only part of the benefit of attending AnDevCon IV this December. Meet the smartest, hardest-working faculty in the Android universe. Mingle with fellow attendees, and talk shop during meals and receptions. Be inspired by keynotes, be informed by general sessions, be impressed by the tools in the Expo Hall. It's all waiting for you.

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