Aspire New York 2013




Aspire enhances the connections among our universe of customers, LivePerson experts, and ecosystem partners. Aspire’s format is a direct challenge to the typical conference. Every individual is an active participant and impacts the event content in real time. The environment is open and dynamic (hotel ballrooms are banned), fostering creativity and community in an open forum that forges deeper connections among attendees and translates to a better understanding of engaging customers.

Those that attend Aspire will come for three main reasons: to achieve the next level of success in their businesses, to discover new possibilities in engagement technology and strategy, and to make valuable connections with peers and experts.

Record-breaking conversions, customer satisfaction levels and ROI on your current customer engagement solution. Learn how to gain acute customer insight and meet and exceeding the ever-evolving customer expectations. Get your specific questions answered by technical and strategic experts so you can ensure that you optimize and enhance the LivePerson tools at your disposal.

Discover groundbreaking technologies that redefine personalized online sales and service. Uncover the potential of the new arsenal of tools the new LiveEngage platform will provide you. Dive deep into cutting edge reporting and the customization of your LivePerson Solution. Think beyond the bottom line, and discover ways in which to transform your company through culture, so that your customers, and the world will take notice.

Share your customer engagement challenges with others in your shoes and brainstorm actionable solutions. Innovate the next generation of engagement solutions by sharing your ideas with the people who actually build them. Create valuable relationships with peers and experts in your industry.

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