BMA14 Chicago




Over the past five years, BMA's global conference has become the largest annual b2b marketing event anywhere in the world. This past May, BMA's BLAZE attracted 843 b2b marketers from 380 organizations, 35 states and eight nations.

We expect as many as 1,000 people to register and attend BMA14. Since so many already refer to the conference as "The BMA," we are dropping the annual one-word theme.

As our profession's "must attend" annual event, BMA14 will be your opportunity—over a tightly packed two-day time frame—to glean and take back actionable insights on the latest in b2b marketing thinking, trends, best practices, success stories, technology and tools and more.

BMA14 will address more topics and feature more speakers and presenters than any previous BMA conference. You will hear from well-known authorities as well as many new and younger up-and-comers.

Hour-long keynotes and panel sessions are being reduced to 45 minutes. We are adding 30-minute sessions on narrower topics. And we will intersperse as many as 20 15-minute "Firestarter" sessions throughout BMA14.

We also are adding a series of concurrent hreakout sessions, many to be led by keynote speakers to permit more intimate, drill-down conversations not possible during our shortened general sessions.

We are busy recruiting around 100 of our profession's top marketers, practitioners, service providers, consultants, technology and media platform providers, authors and other notable b2b influentials to speak and present at BMA14.


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