bpmNEXT California 2013




bpmNEXT is a journey into the future of business process management software and related technologies. See it, engage with it, shape it. Part TED, part DEMO, part Think Tank, bpmNEXT is not your usual BPM conference.

bpmNEXT is a uniquely collaborative event for people already immersed in the field – business and IT executives, technology vendors, academics, practitioners, analysts, investors – who know what’s out there today… and hungry for what’s coming next. Not just to hear about it, but see it in action and engage with the developers.

The perspective is FORWARD-LOOKING: Keynotes setting the stage are not case studies of past success, but vision statements: where business process management technology is going next.

The format is LIVELY: Presentations are live, back-to-back, and strictly limited to 30 minutes (20 minutes for pitch and a demo; 10 minutes for Q&A). What is shown does not have to be ready to ship… but if it can’t be demonstrated, it can’t be presented.

The venue is SPECTACULAR: Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula, designed by famed San Simeon architect Julia Morgan, offers unrivaled beauty overlooking the Pacific Ocean, adjacent to Pebble Beach and the 17 Mile Drive, yet just over an hour from Silicon Valley.

The interaction is INTENSE: Asilomar is an intimate rustic retreat environment, away from it all. Admission to bpmNEXT includes two nights’ hotel and meals on the grounds, so we’ll be eating, drinking, and talking nonstop about the next generation of process innovation.

One track, 24 fast-moving presentations - 20 minutes of demo, 10 minutes Q & A - by the companies leading the way to the next generation of business process management software. Social, mobile, adaptive, predictive and goal-directed, cloud and Big Data, it's all there. Tools that lower the barriers for business users.

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