Branding for Success Workshop Singapore 2013




Creating a strong brand that your stakeholders will love and maintaining its consistency is very important. This two day program, created for business owners and marketers will introduce you to the key elements of branding, enabling you to harness the power, and avoid the pitfalls. The program is designed to attendees with highly effective tools that will give you a head start in creating powerful brands.

Using a combination of instruction, discussion and engaging creative exercises, the workshop will walk participants through the essentials of building a brand.

The agenda includes:

  • An introduction to brands and branding
  • The fundamentals of branding
  • Overview of the branding process
  • Hands of brand building exercise
  • Vision, values and brand promise
  • Creative brain storm sessions

This program will give you a base to start engaging with branding so that you know what youíre talking about, understand the next steps to take and are equipped to make positive changes in your organization.

This program will:

  • EQUIP you with an understanding of branding for business
  • PROVIDE you with an overview of the process of branding
  • EXPLAIN the practical steps involved in brand building
  • GIVE you practical guidance on how to write, what to say and what not to say when engaging with brand savvy consumers
  • ILLUSTRATE how branding can be used in internal and external communications
  • HELP you understand how to uncover the heart of your brand (The guiding principle)
  • GUIDE you in understanding the importance of a brandís personality
  • APPLY a step-by-step process to help you formulate your organisationís brand
  • GIVE you the tools to return to your own business and start branding!
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